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MES systems by CIMx Software solve problems found in paper-driven production environments. Dramatically improve your production with secure, auditable records, real-time monitoring and production control, trending analysis, digital work instructions and production plans, and continual information on work order flow, quality control, equipment maintenance, inventory, and shop floor data and results. Our MES solutions  (Quantum® and Interax®digitally control the product lifecycle, reducing costs and improving profit with increased production and quality. Select your solution options include a model configured for small companies with targeted easy-to-use solutions, to an enterprise model configured for larger companies with enhanced capabilities and connectivity with other systems. The solutions, small and large, are configured for your needs with built-in growth available when needed.

For more than 19 years, CIMx has delivered innovative solutions to manufacturers across the world, solving problems for customers in a range of industries – from simple job shops to multi-site aeronautical companies. Contact CIMx today for a demonstration of our software, or for a free shop floor analysis of how paperless manufacturing can help you.

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Solutions & Benefits

CIMx offers advanced paperless manufacturing solutions, delivering shop floor visibility and control, helping companies eliminate errors, improve quality, and increase profitability.  Here's how:

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