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Paperless Manufacturing and MES Solutions

What we do

We're passionate about improving manufacturing with the latest software and technology, delivering systems and tools that are easy-to-use - focused on delivering shop floor solutions, not complexity. CIMx's integrated suite of software solutions, including MES and paperless manufacturing, give complete digital control of the production cycle – from planning and engineering, to quality control, machine maintenance, business analytics, and shipping.

Shop Floor Analysis Discover how you will benefit Our suite of Manufacturing Solutions includes:

  • Data Migration Engine to extract, transform and migrate data from legacy systems to a new platofrm;

  • Intelligent Archive system to replace volatile, error-prone databases with a secure, accurate, accessible modern database;

  • Advanced Process Planning system to eliminate inefficiencies and upgrade production documents to a revision-controlled, Web-based platform;

  • MES to create a Web-based paperless production environment to support each stage of the manufacturing value chain;

  • Enterprise Manufacturing system which provides a multi-site paperless manufacturing solution with enterprise-wide standardization and solution optimization at individual sites.

How we do it

What is Paperless Manufacturing? CIMx paperless manufacturing solutions deliver rapid results by utilizing your existing processes, information and data in a new platform. The intuitive software is easy to implement and support, giving you control and visibility of production processes, and filling gaps in your manufacturing value chain.

We support the solution with a comprehensive onboarding process, partnering with your IT resources with support that promises to never leave you struggling with an inadequate or underused solution.

What this means to you

You have the solution you need in less time and cost than you imagine. You have a partner with more than 20 years in manufacturing software solutions and data expertise invested in your solution. We not only sell and service our solutions, but we’ve designed and developed them. It’s how we can deliver so much more value than other software companies.  We will help you improve your information and workflow processes to achieve increased productivity and profitability.

What's next

Contact CIMx today for a free shop floor analysis. Discover how paperless manufacturing can deliver benefits for your IT and operations team.

Solutions & Benefits

CIMx offers advanced paperless manufacturing solutions, delivering shop floor visibility and control, helping companies eliminate errors, improve quality, and increase profitability.  Here's how: