Complete Production Control

The Quantum Production Control System for make-to-order manufacturing tracks every part, controls every process and increases production velocity on every order. Demand conformance, eliminate waste and increase profit at every point of production with this turnkey discrete manufacturing platform.

Route orders faster and ship on time, every time. Record every step of the process including the parts and tools that went into each build.

Increase Production Profit

Automatically direct planned work and workarounds. Enforce quality checks and eliminate scrap with complete shop control.

Increase Production Throughput

Turn the static orders in your ERP into an interactive process that delivers faster and more profitably with digital travelers.

Increase Production Velocity

We Run Your Shop So You Can Run Your Business


Deliver the control, agility and precision to your shop floor that complex discrete manufacturing demands. Build more and spend less with digital work instructions, quality enforcement and complete production control. Let Quantum control your shop so you can focus on running your business.

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Provide your operators everything they need on a single screen.

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Enforce product quality checks to eliminate scrap and cut rework time.

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Demand compliance and increase velocity with automatic work rerouting.

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Track progress on every order from engineering through delivery.

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Record traceability & genealogy of every part and tool utilized.

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View and report on your production operations in real-time.

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Control every order from engineering through delivery, eliminate data silos and receive complete build reports with the click of a button. Gain complete production visibility from the comfort of your office and communicate with your shop in real-time. Install Quantum in 1-day and see ROI in 6 months.

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Does Your ERP Speak MFG?

Real-time production tracking, control and reporting are all essential to any growing make-to-order manufacturer. Unfortunately, these are also the blindspots of an ERP. Ignoring production (the heart of your business) leaves manufacturers at risk of profit bleed, customer loss and failed audits.

Even when manufacturing works to plan, you still need an interactive system on the shop floor to handle each step of production. When things do go wrong, that production system is your last line of defense.

Quantum plans your production to exact customer or engineering specifications. If something goes wrong, Quantum utilizes automatic workarounds/rerouting to get your operators back on track fast.

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Quantum is designed to support the growth of your business. User-centric licensing means your rate is based on your needs. Speak with a specialist today to determine your rate. 

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