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Missed ship dates, scrap overload and lost profit are all results of the blind spots in your ERP. Quantum is the Smart Manufacturing Platform designed to deliver compliance and control to make-to-order manufacturers. Control, track and accelerate your production to increase profit and eliminate waste today.


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Quantum Data Analytics™ builds production process data from cost analysis to labor efficiencies across orders, processes and work centers. Raw data becomes actionable intelligence with estimate-to-actual comparison and trending.

Quantum Quality Control™ collects data throughout production and automatically directs non-conforming work with pre-approved work tasks. Conformance management increases the speed of rework and ensures on-time delivery of orders.

Quantum Smart Tools deliver complete production control and visibility. Quantum's turnkey software platform installs preloaded with your data and the complete suite of tools you need to make data-driven decisions from the shop floor to the top floor.

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The CIMx Software Experience

The pioneering minds behind INTERAX® at CIMx Software now offer the next generation of manufacturing software systems in Quantum®. Quantum delivers Production Planning, Process Control, Finite Scheduling, Asset Management and Business Analytics on one modern manufacturing platform. With user-centric scalability, Quantum delivers Rapid ROI for manufacturers. Whether you have 50 employees or thousands, Quantum is the manufacturing solution for your business.

Quantum breaks down the wall between Engineering and Manufacturing with complete control over critical engineering documentation and the production process. Quantum arrives preloaded with your data and the entire suite of Smart Manufacturing tools configured for your industry.

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How Is Quantum Different from Other MES Solutions?

CIMx Software uses sustainable software practices with access to historical data from day one and guaranteed upgrade paths for all products. Annual support includes direct access to engineers who can rapidly answer your questions.
We know your manufacturing needs because we know your industry.

Aerospace Manufacturing

Case Study

The Problem

This Aerospace and Defense manufacturer regularly shared production work across plants but a lack of company standards meant the production information couldn’t follow the parts. Sites used different processes and naming conventions. Attempts to collect data or run reports from multiple sites resulted in failure, duplicate work, errors and difficulty accessing production data. Internal resources hadn’t been successful in establishing a sustainable company standard for manufacturing data, so they turned to CIMx Software for a solution. 

Defense Manufacturing

The Solution

CIMx tools support both corporate standards and site variability, allowing unique machines and processes across facilities without customization of the product. CIMx identified common standards and site-specific work for this customer. Configuration of the product across sites allowed standard production processes and special processes unique to local workflows. Connection to Oracle ERP and an internal Quality Management System (QMS) provided real-time data across all facilities, individual site reporting requirements and special site-specific operations in standard planning. This allowed sites to continue to use local rule sets and create local reports where necessary without compromising the company standard. Today, work flows consistently between plants with the corresponding digital and paper (where required) records. Plant savings were estimated at US $1M per plant per year.

Working with CIMx, we have been able to utilize their software to document the extensive methods of manufacturing products for the defense industry and maintain on file an "as-built" record for every part manufactured.

Defense Customer

The Result

The customer now has control of the entire production supply chain, from initiation of the order to production completion. Increased efficiency drives significant cost savings at every plant; customer estimates place the savings at more than US $1M annually at each site as a result of increased staff efficiency and the ability to accurately and quickly transfer work between plants. CIMx Software’s strategy to connect plants delivered uninterrupted operations, even during new software application releases and customer configuration changes.

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Take It From Our Biggest Fans; Our Customers

Our experience is built on lasting partnerships and excellence. Hear what our customers have to say.
Aerospace Quote

Aerospace Customer

Manager , Partnership

CIMx is a great company to work with; their rapid response time, willingness to demonstrate their capabilities, problem-solving ability & proactivity were impressive.

Defense Quote

Defense Industry

IT Director , Experience

“ (We rely) heavily on your product, and we always get first-class, on­-time customer support from... members of your professional services team. We appreciate all your efforts. ”

Discrete Quote

Engine Manufacturer

IT Manager , Excellence

“ We have seen similar initiatives that have not produced anywhere near the positive results we've achieved in working with CIMx. ”

I can't emphasize enough that CIMx's background in process planning really got us over the hump. We were actually going to go the route of having a system custom-developed for us...

FDA Regulated Manufacturer

Who Benefits from MES?

Your Management Team

Eliminate scrap, raise productivity and analyze results with Quantum. Add workflow control with Finite Scheduling, Quality Control and Production Control. Let Quantum change how you view your shop floor.

Your IT Team

Quantum installs on-site or as a private cloud offering, allowing you to control the location and access points of information with the security of your own network. Annual upgrades are automatically available for you to download with a commitment to sustainable architecture.

Your Operators

Quantum Visual Work Instructions and single source Document Control eliminate issues common on the shop floor. With Quantum, your operators have all of the information and resources required to do their job at the point of production, increasing output and satisfaction.

What's Next?

Once you've established that you need control of your processes and production, it's time to discuss how. Work with our Implementation Specialist team to determine your goals, timeline and budget and you'll be on your way. Schedule a free 30 minute live demo today! 

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