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Missed ship dates, quality defects and lost profit are all a result of the blind spots in your ERP. Quantum is the turnkey manufacturing system designed to deliver complete compliance and control to make-to-order manufacturers. Integrate Quantum with your existing ERP to control production, eliminate waste and increase profit.

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Ship on time, every time with complete production tracking and asset genealogy. Know the specific operator, workstation and parts used on every order. Receive real-time alerts of non-conformances and quality escapes to ensure you ship on time, every time.

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Eliminate scrap and wasted operator hours by enforcing quality gates, eliminating error-prone paper build books and scheduling away downtime. Take complete control over your shop floor while automatically recording data for compliance reporting.

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Increase the velocity of production by providing your operators with only the most up-to-date digital work packets, optimizing scheduling and eliminating rework through conformance enforcement and automated rerouting. Build more, spend less.

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Does your ERP speak MFG?

The power to track, control and report on production in real-time is a necessity for any growing make-to-order manufacturer. Unfortunately, it is also the blindspot in your ERP. Ignoring the heart of your operations leaves businesses at risk of profit bleed, customer loss and failed audits.

Eliminate your production blind spot by partnering Quantum with your existing ERP to track, control and accelerate production. Drive profit, eliminate scrap and remove the scheduling gaps holding back production. View orders from engineering through shipment and record, report and react in real-time on every build, every time.

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Aerospace Quote

Aerospace Customer

Manager , Partnership

CIMx is a great company to work with; their rapid response time, willingness to demonstrate their capabilities, problem-solving ability & proactivity were impressive.

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Defense Industry

IT Director , Experience

“ (We rely) heavily on your product, and we always get first-class, on­-time customer support from... members of your professional services team. We appreciate all your efforts. ”

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Engine Manufacturer

IT Manager , Excellence

“ We have seen similar initiatives that have not produced anywhere near the positive results we've achieved in working with the CIMx Software team. ”

I can't emphasize enough that CIMx's background in process planning really got us over the hump. We were actually going to go the route of having a system custom-developed for us...

FDA Regulated Manufacturer

Who Benefits from Quantum?

Your Management Team

Eliminate scrap, drive productivity and analyze performance data with Quantum. Accelerate production with process management, Control quality with compliance enforcement and track your people and parts throughout production. Let Quantum change how you view your shop floor.

Your IT Team

Quantum installs on-site or as a private cloud offering. Control the location and access points of information with the security of your own network. Annual upgrades are automatically available for you to install with a commitment to sustainable architecture.

Your Operators

Quantum's Digital Travelers and single source Document Control eliminate issues common on the shop floor. Provide your operators all of the information and resources required to do their job from your office directly to the shop floor, increasing production velocity and employee satisfaction.
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The CIMx Software Experience

The pioneering minds behind INTERAX® advanced process planning now offer the complete production control system built for make-to-order manufacturing, Quantum®. Quantum delivers Production Planning, Process Control, Predictive Capacity Scheduling, Asset Management and Performance Analytics to your existing ERP all on one innovative manufacturing platform.

Quantum breaks down the wall between Engineering and Manufacturing with complete production visibility, quality enforcement and make-to-order manufacturing control. Quantum installs with your data and the entire suite of manufacturing software tools configured for your industry in 1-day.

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What's Next?

Once you've established that Quantum is the software solution for delivering manufacturing control to your ERP, it's time to discuss the next steps toward implementation. Work with one of our experienced representatives to determine your goals, timeline and budget and you'll be on your way to a future of manufacturing excellence. Schedule a FREE 30 minute live demo today!

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