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We're passionate about improving manufacturing with the latest software and technology, delivering systems and tools focused on delivering shop floor solutions, not complexity or additional costs. CIMx's integrated suite of software solutions, including MES and paperless manufacturing, give complete digital control of the production cycle – from planning and engineering, to scheduling, quality control, machine maintenance, business analytics, and shipping.

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Data Migration Engine

extract, transform and migrate data

from legacy systems to a new platform

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Active Data Warehouse 

empower your manufacturing analytics

with active ETL and secure data storage

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Advanced Process Planning

eliminate inefficiencies and upgrade
production documents to a
revision-controlled, Web-based platform

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create a Web-based paperless production

environment to support every stage of

the manufacturing value chain

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Enterprise Manufacturing

multi-site solution with enterprise-wide

standardization and  optimization at

individual sites

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Increase Production Quality

With paperless manufacturing, you eliminate errors and implement sustainable quality improvement in just a few simple steps. Download our latest newsletter to discover how you can begin improving production quality today.

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