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Track, control and increase production velocity on every order with a system developed specifically for the unqiue demands of make-to-order and complex discrete manufacturing. Quantum delivers the right tools to the right people from the shop floor to the top floor. Build it right the first time with Quantum.

Provide your workers everything they need on one screen.
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Move work as needed; insert planned work with a single click.
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Manage issues as they happen and run production smoothly.
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Cut engineering time & increase velocity with digital planning.
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Build proactively and ship on time with alternate work paths.
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Report on true production, material and labor costs.
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Know where every order, part and material is located.
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Control documents & complete work packets with one system.
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Process Conformance

Quantum’s Operator Instructions drastically reduce the cost of reactive repair work and create an accurate and process-controlled shop. Real-time control increases the standardization of processes and guarantees production quality.

  • Digital work packet management
  • Data collection at point of production
  • Automatic enforcement of processes
  • Immediate capture of time on job
  • Approved rework paths at a single click

Control Work Packets

Give your operators everything they need on a single screen. With instant access to all instructions, materials, specifications, safety warnings, required tools and materials, data collections and just about anything else you can think of, operators are positioned to do exactly the work you require.

Process Planning
Demand Quality

Quantum’s Quality Management tools control everything from production processes to material sourcing and handling to final shipping and customer acceptance. Real-time quality monitoring makes sure that everything’s going according to plan.

  • In-process quality check capture
  • Complete workflow enforcement
  • Immediate notification of quality issues
  • Automatic common problem correction

Enforce Quality Gates

With the right information and tight process controls, operators can complete work correctly and efficiently. With intermediate checks for quality and controlled workflows with certification of operators to complete the work, product and production quality increase and production costs decrease.

Quality Control
Approved Workpaths

Quantum’s pre-approved workpaths for scrap and rework eliminate the need for expensive, time- and labor-intensive material review boards. Real-time access to pre-approved engineering solves problems more rapidly and eliminates rework.

  • Pre-approved engineering re-work
  • Additional data collection capability
  • Automatic capture of work and rework
  • Immediate capture of fix time

Resolve Rework Issues

When materials aren’t available or things go wrong on the shop floor, give operators the tools to solve the problem. Whether that’s solving the work themselves with instant, pre-approved pieces of engineering to resolve common issues or a communication system to provide real-time alerts and issue resolution from Quality Engineers or Supervisors on the shop floor.

Approved Rework Paths
Manage Materials

Quantum’s Asset Management and assignment of assets to individual orders or work centers enables you to manage the current inventory of all your materials, tools and even parts. Work center management and check-in of materials and tools allows identification of every material to the specific place it is on the shop floor.

  • Assign specific tools to work centers/orders
  • Real-time view of all tools on shop floor
  • Track location of materials

Track Every Part & Tool

When you know where your parts, orders and materials are at any given time, you can truly maximize production throughput. Orders take less time and production costs less when you can certify the work, route it quickly and produce it with fewer errors.

Asset Management Tracking
Schedule Production

Quantum Scheduling gives you complete control of your current work. Ensure that orders are never delivered late again with the option to send work to different work centers.

  • Real-time management of current work
  • Interleave planned work into the schedule
  • Map different work center issue moves
  • Move work permanently or manually

Keep Delivery Promises

Insert planned work into the current work schedule to identify bottlenecks, materials shortages and ensure that all work gets delivered on time. Move individual pieces of work or entire orders as required for the current schedule or management of scenarios.

Production Scheduling
Predict Costs

Quantum Cost Estimating lets you plan for and complete profitable production. Whether you’re building to a customer’s specifications or a standard piece of work, know that you will make money.

  • Apply actual labor costs
  • Estimate individual pieces of work
  • Get calculations from the system

Win More Project Bids

Estimate the cost of individual pieces of work; include the cost of materials in order to get a true cost of the job. Make decisions with real-time shop floor intelligence and compare estimated costs with actual costs once production is complete.

Cost Estimating Analysis
Digital Process Planning

Build to exacting specifications and eliminate the production errors and mistakes slowing your workflow with Quantum Advanced Process Planning. Digital planning accelerates production saving engineering time and effort.

  • Push highlighted Visual Work Instructions
  • Add video to complete work packets
  • Eliminate error-prone paper processes
  • Eliminate non-value-added time waste
  • Automate validation of work instructions

Eliminate Mistakes

Increase output and operator efficiency with robust visual work instructions. Complete planning faster and deliver the correct instructions every time with an easy-to-use library of revision-controlled planning. Access critical production data, including safety instructions, machine set-up, best practices, additional training, and engineering specifications directly from the shop floor

Quantum Advanced Process Planning
Document Control

Quantum Document Control eliminates paper costs, revision errors and scrap from production. Real-time control increases production efficiency and quality across the shop while creating generating build records for every order.

  • Error-proof documentation
  • Complete revision control
  • Comprehensive historical archive
  • Automatic retrieval of order instructions
  • Targeting of documents to work centers

Record. Report. React.

Quantum is a single source of truth for manufacturers. From order initiation to final shipping, Quantum tracks and distributes all of your critical production documents in each step of the production process. Quantum builds a complete digital production record and eliminates paper from your operations. Whether an area requires a digital of printed traveler, Quantum lets you run production as you need. 

Document Control
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