Why Quantum?

 Quantum gives you exacting control of manufacturing from Engineering and Scheduling to Production of every order. Ensure adherence to engineering, regulatory and safety requirements and ship orders on-time with Quantum. See how Quantum increases profitability from the shop floor to the top floor.

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Quantum gives you real-time production visibility and performance analytics. Get true production costs, compare work center performance to prior periods and calculate your exact margins. Know in advance when an order may not ship on-time and why. CIMx has a deep background in discrete manufacturing and regulated industries, having delivered Production Planning and Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) tools to customers since 1996.

With Quantum, you can plan, predict and problem-solve without a pause in production.  

Real-time Analytics

Quantum Analytics delivers data on your entire production process from order and part cost analysis to labor efficiencies across orders, processes and work centers. Raw data becomes actionable intelligence viewed on the floor or from your desk.

Rapid ROI

Quantum customers typically see a Return on Investment (ROI) in their first 6 months of usage; these are hard cost savings. Quantum increases production rates, cuts reporting times and eliminates machine and personnel downtime. Your production is on-time, more accurate and more efficient.

Smart Manufacturing

Quantum gives you instant access to production rates and returns. Make data-driven decisions and gain the tools to view & correct production issues as they occur. You get complete Production Control by adding the manufacturing visibility your ERP lacks.

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Quantum is a modern, web-based platform. There is no archaic or third-party code and no client-side installations required. Whatever configuration you choose, Quantum’s core product remains intact, so you always have access to the latest Quantum release. CIMx Software has more than 20 years of experience implementing software from the most demanding and secure Aerospace and Defense companies to individual production sites with limited local IT resources. Whatever your situation, CIMx Software works collaboratively to guarantee a successful implementation.


As a modern, purpose-built system with remote installation capability, Quantum will install quickly without production disruption. Quantum’s Data Migration Engine™ gives immediate access to all of your legacy data.


With 20 years of experience, CIMx Software understands that security is a top priority for any new software purchase. Quantum utilizes an open-source security framework with full control and accessibility for your IT team with the ultimate protection your data demands.


Quantum is built with a modern architecture, operates on a standard SQL Server and is accessible from almost any device, eliminating the need for most implementation services.

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Free Shop Floor Analysis

Quality Control

Quantum Production Control™ gives you complete control of operations, including orders, operators, schedules and machines. Reports are available on-demand throughout production, so you have accurate information for daily or weekly production meetings. Close the Quality Control feedback loop with automatic tolerance checks and built-in rework paths. Compare current production rates with prior periods, so you can report advances to your management and ask for resources where you need them with the data to back it up. 

Eliminate Scrap

Operators build what you tell them to; missing information in paper build books or in aging ERP instructions eliminate profit and cause scrap. Control the information to your operators and get rid of costly errors.

Quality Alerts

Quantum Quality Control™ collects data throughout production and automatically directs non-conforming work. Non-conformance Management increases the speed of rework and preserves order delivery dates with programmable alerts.

Finite Scheduling

Quantum Finite Scheduling manages current orders, planned work and problem workflows to remove the uncertainty, cost and issues associated with production. Build to specification and schedule every time.

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Bid accuracy, progress reporting and Quantum Asset Management™ help you control material costs throughout your enterprise. Data-driven manufacturing ensures adequate parts and materials availability without overstocks or shortages.

Project Tracking

Analyze data on individual operator performance, produce with consistent quality and ship on schedule. Quantum Reporting begins the minute an order is generated and automatically archives all information at completion.

Asset Management

Track all of your business assets and their lifecycles with traceability to the part, vendor, certification points and lot or serial number. By utilizing the full capabilities of Quantum Asset Management, every part has an automatic, immediate and permanent build record.

Accurate Bidding

With reliable data and accurate reporting tools Quantum allows your Sales Team to make educated bids with the highest levels of accuracy possible. Stop losing projects to overbidding and profit to underestimating.

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Production Operations

Increasing demands on today’s workforce means you’re doing more with less. Quantum Shop Floor gives you accountability and step-by-step instructions for the work required. Increase operator satisfaction with fingertip control of information in Visual Work Instructions.

Visual Work Instruction

Visual Work Instructions provide the critical and correct visual and written work instructions for every job. Reduce scrap, enhance quality and increase production output by giving your operators all of the information, notes and project specs they need to do their job right the first time.

Save Time

Quantum Shop Floor is a single source of production truth for your shop floor. Eliminate work center downtime, manual rework paths and foot traffic to locate missing documents. Save time and money with Quantum.

Employee Retention

Your work force veterans are important. Use Quantum and a smartphone to produce training videos for less-experienced operators right on the shop floor. Quantum increases the connection to engineering and quality so shop floor questions are answered more quickly, leading to higher job satisfaction and retention.

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CIMx people listen carefully to customer needs and respond with a solution that meets those needs.

Aerospace Operations Manager

Who Benefits from MES?

Your Management Team

Eliminate scrap, raise productivity and analyze results with Quantum. Add workflow control with Finite Scheduling, Quality Control and Production Control. Let Quantum change how you view your shop floor

Your IT Team

Quantum installs on-site or as a private cloud offering, allowing you to control the location and access points of information with the security of your own network. Annual upgrades are automatically available for you to download with a commitment to sustainable architecture.

Your Operators

Quantum Visual Work Instructions and single source Document Control eliminate issues common on the shop floor. With Quantum, your operators have all of the information and resources required to do their job at the point of production, increasing output and satisfaction.

How Is Quantum Different from Other MES Solutions?

CIMx Software uses sustainable software practices with access to historical data from day one and guaranteed upgrade paths for all products. Annual support includes direct access to engineers who can rapidly answer your questions.
We know your manufacturing needs because we know your industry.

Engine Manufacturer

Case Study

The Problem

This military equipment manufacturer was opening a new plant and struggled to meet the demands of the complex and heavily regulated production process. They sought a solution to: create, distribute and manage digital work instructions, collect the precision machining data necessary on complex parts, and create accurate/complete audit records. Their scheduling was more guesswork than science. They knew their paper-based processes resulted in errors and production wait times. However, without clarity or visibility into the production process, the manufacturer couldn’t determine a solution.

Defense Manufacturing

The Solution

CIMx suggested implementing a digital manufacturing system for the new plant. The system could manage the detailed work instructions required for manufacturing, and offered the easiest path to the comprehensive and auditable production records necessary for regulatory compliance. CIMx installed and configured the software, while moving the required data and records into the system. Simultaneously, users were trained in the solution. With the system in place, the software automated almost all of the data collection necessary for the audit records, including precision machining data. With no IT resources on site at the opening, CIMx configured the solution to be supported by remote IT resources.

By partnering with CIMx through the use of their software applications and their friendly, responsive, and competent staff of employees, we have no doubt that we will have nothing less than total success.

Manufacturing Executive

The Result

The new location opened on time. The manufacturing software was configured, installed and loaded in less than 5 weeks. With the rapid training and intuitive solution, the entire plant was operational and running at the opening. The software delivered comprehensive support for manufacturing and managed planning and operations at the opening. The solution provides the complete audit records necessary for regulatory compliance.

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