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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Quantum PCS?

Production Control Systems (PCS) are flexible software platforms designed to enforce build conformance across the shop floor. Quantum accomplishes this through a series of powerful software tools/processes including digital travelers, quality enforcement and complete production visibility.

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Does Quantum work with my production system?

Quantum is designed specifically for complex, discrete, engineer-to-order (ETO) and make-to-order (MTO) manufacturers. Quantum was developed with the flexibility and process structure to meet the needs of complex manufacturers rather than repetitive process driven production. From limited-run part production to carbon composites, CIMx has displayed the agility to master any complex process.

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What happens to my existing data?

As manufacturing database experts, CIMx will secure/protect your data throughout implementation. Our Data Migration Engine securely transitions your data from an old system to Quantum, so your team is ready to work immediately after installation.

CIMx has developed the Quantum Data Migration Engine to transition existing data out of deprecated systems utilizing Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) best practices so you save your data from the risk of failing systems.

Speak with an Application Specialist to better understand your unique data needs and create a plan for rescuing your existing data.

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Why can't my ERP do that?

ERP's are designed to run a business, but they are unable to collect and enforce the needs of a production floor. Quantum provides the tools to complete the production cycle and demand compliance from order through shipment.

The Quantum platform is a workflow centric system meaning it has the agility to execute for discrete manufacturing unlike a transactional centric system like an ERP that can’t handle the give-and-take of complex production.

Quantum runs your shop so you can run your business.

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How long does Quantum take to install and integrate?

Quantum typically installs in 1-day. Full integration may take up to a month prior to installation. From first contact to launch can take as few as 3 months if the customer has developed a project and has a sense of urgency/drive for implementing a solution to match that of the CIMx team. CIMx works directly with your team to build a schedule to support your business and provide configuration options for your processes.

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Can I customize your product?

Quantum has a powerful core product that the majority of our customers find meet their unique needs through basic standard product configuration options. This avoids the additional costs associated with the custom build or the modular upcharges of competitor products. However, some customers have extraordinary requirements that must be met for optimal utility of our Quantum PCS. 

CIMx is generally able to extend product features beyond standard product when a customer’s process demands it. This can be a lighter project like the addition of custom reports or a larger initiative that would be introduced as an additional paid project after installation and optimization of Quantum’s core product.

Work with an Application Specialist to learn more about the flexibility of Quantum and it’s standard product offerings.

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Which industries does CIMx have experience in?

CIMx has developed solutions for the complex manufacturing software industry since 1996. CIMx works with companies of all shapes and sizes ranging from 20 operator job shops to some of the largest manufacturers in the US. Whether your company works in the highly regulated industries of aerospace, defense, and medical device or within the razor thin margins of wire harness, industrial production and carbon composite, our team has brought control to processes and production on shop floors like yours saving time and money for more than 20 years.

Our development team has been in the make-to-order manufacturing software business since 1996 so we understand the needs of discrete manufacturers. 

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How much does Quantum cost?

As with all software system, Quantum does require initial integration and implementation charges. The Quantum Rapid ROI is possible because of the per-user pricing model.

To receive a projected estimate simply plug the number of operators on your shop floor (licenses needed) and your email to the right and a CIMx representative will connect to schedule a conversation to best deliver a ballpark pricing.

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Can CIMx meet the requirements of government regulations?

CIMx only employs United States citizens who must pass a thorough background check to ensure all compliance is maintained with existing government/defense contracts.

Our team understands the strict regulations associated with companies working in the aerospace, defense, FDA and other highly regulated fields. CIMx Software operates its business in a way to avoid any potential conflict with your existing customers and maintain the integrity of your contracts.

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Complete Production Control

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Complete Production Control

Record, Report & React in Real-Time.

Quantum connects people, processes and production. Take control of your shop floor, enforce quality and reduce costs all from one powerful make-to-order system. Partner Quantum with your existing ERP to drive profit, eliminate scrap and remove the scheduling gaps that slow production and force late shipments. Track production from order to shipment and record, report and react in real-time on every build.

Complete Production Control

Route orders faster and ship on time, every time. Record every step of the process including the parts and tools that went into each build. Report on production with the click of a button and take complete control over your shop floor.

Increase Profit with Quantum

Total Process Control

Automatically direct planned work and workarounds. Enforce quality checks and eliminate scrap. Get complete shop floor control and automatic compliance reports.
Build more, spend less.

Increase Production Throughput

Complete Order Control

With digital travelers, rapid data collection and quality gates, you can completely control the orders on your shop floor. Make the static order in your ERP an interactive process and deliver faster and more profitably.

Increase Production Velocity

Does Your ERP Speak MFG?

Real-time production tracking, control and reporting are all essential to any growing make-to-order manufacturer. Unfortunately, these are also the blindspots of an ERP. Ignoring production (the heart of your business) leaves manufacturers at risk of profit bleed, customer loss and failed audits.

Quantum plans your production to exact customer or engineering specifications. If something goes wrong, Quantum utilizes automatic workarounds/rerouting to get your operators back on track fast.

See how Quantum removes cost, inaccuracies and uncertainty from production.
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20+ Years of Experience

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75% of manufacturers report the risk of paper records & legacy systems as a high level concern.

What does Quantum do for your organization?

Your Management Team

Quantum delivers real-time access to all of the work on your shop floor; see what’s going well and what isn't. Compare today's work to yesterday, last week or last year and tighten your processes to improve output. Compute how much money you make on an order, a part or a process and price your product to be competitive and profitable.

Your IT Team

Quantum installs on-site or as a private cloud offering allowing your information to be kept secure on your own private network. Quantum's annual support paired with CIMx Software’s commitment to sustainable architecture means your upgrades are always installable without disruption, at no cost to your team.

Your Operators

Quantum's Digital Travelers and single source Document Control eliminate the need for operators to search through binders for instructions, build with outdated plans or access operations outside of their certifcation. Provide your operators with only the information and resources required to perform their specific work for the day. Increase production velocity, employee satisfaction and save money.

Time to Delete the Spreadsheets

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Turnkey Control Systems

A true turnkey manufacturing software integrates with your existing systems, understands your organization's unique needs and begins delivering results on day one.

Quantum is a true turnkey solution developed specifically for the complex make-to-order manufacturing industry. With 20+ years of manufacturing software experience, CIMx Software knows your industry.

Complete Production Control

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CIMx has been a key player in the discrete manufacturing software industry since 1996. For more than 20 years, CIMx manufacturing software has solved the most critical and costly problems for build-to-order, complex and prototyping manufacturers.
CIMx utilizes its rich history and experience in manufacturing to continue bridging the gaps between people, processes and technology.