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CIMx Software has developed production control software for make-to-order manufacturers since 1996. Our extensive experience on shop floors ranges from the highly regulated aerospace, defense and FDA industries to the complex production of discrete part providers and composite fabricators. 

Quantum solves industry-specific issues unique to the processes and business needs of specialized, complex and make-to-order
manufacturing verticals. Our industry tools are implemented as standard product offerings with guaranteed sustainability. 

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Power and Accuracy

Aerospace & Defense industry regulations demand absolute compliance with engineering specifications and complete part genealogy. Engineering changes require robust approval and control paths. Our industry-recognized engineering control and traceability of materials through parts and assemblies meets the most rigorous needs of our A&D customers.

  • Comprehensive Production Throughput
  • Real-time Quality Metrics
  • Improve Product Design
  • Assure Product Compliance
  • Increase Product Profit
  • Schedule Profitable Work

Aerospace and Defense

Aerospace and Defense part production is complex and exacting, with no room for error. Quantum supports every phase of Aerospace manufacturing.

Serial part and lot traceability records each use of materials, parts or tools throughout production. Trace usage back to the supply chain and forward through customer delivery.

Finite Scheduling organizes current production orders. Create planned work scenarios before you commit to production dates. Maximize machine usage with overage reports.

Engineering Change Management guarantees work center access to only the latest approved engineering packet. Control the work and you can control your quality and cost.


Aerospace and Defense

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Medical Device

Medical device manufacturers must retain real-time access to all part and process instruction and results in order to meet 21 CFR regulations, including electronic records and signatures. Quantum delivers Smart Manufacturing tools with the digital approvals and signatures that you require.

An eDHR begins automatically at order initiation, including all regulatory information, signatures and even CAPA paths during part production.

Process enforcement eliminates scrap, customer turn-backs and recalls. Validate production operations at the operator-level and require certification to complete work.

CAPA management guarantees that non-conforming work is completed using approved engineering paths and the corresponding Part 11 signatures.


Medical Device FDA

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Regulations and Control

FDA regulations are complex, specific and require unconditional compliance. Device history and labeling are just two of the critical regulations that are difficult without a digital production trail. Our lock-tight revision history and on-demand eDHR (electronic Device History Record) deliver compliance at the touch of a button.

  • Automatic Batch Processing
  • Discrepancy Reports
  • Safety Profiles
  • Real-time CAPA
  • Lot and Serialization Capture and Enforcement
  • Procedural Enforcement
  • Compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 Reporting
  • GMP Records

Control and Flexibility

Changing order content pushes shop floor operators to pay attention, know the work to be done and have all the materials necessary to do the job at the point of production. Quantum prevents production errors by certifying both the work to be done and the operator. Make sure it’s done right the first time.
  • Asset Inventory and Control
  • Eliminate Quality Escapes
  • Automated Production Records
  • End-to-End Traceability
  • Non-Conforming Part Resolution
  • Operator Certification

Industrial Production

Industrial manufacturers need engineering and production control, resource and process control, and the ability to solve problems quickly. Order variability and controlled materials (carbon, polymers, paints, etc) add complexity and increasing regulations add to production difficulty. Flexibility is key to running a shop where orders vary widely.

Engineering management controls critical production instructions and quality or industry specifications. Track and keep all copies of documentation up to the final build in a single, controlled archive.

Work in Process (WIP) dashboards align all current and planned work on the shop floor to the operator, work center, order or machine. Know what’s going on, what’s about to happen and solve bottlenecks before they happen.

Non-conformance management provides immediate notification of resources for procedural enforcement and approved work paths for corrective action.


Industrial Production

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Wire and Cable Harness

Wire and cable harness manufacturers build to complex engineering specifications during the first article phase; at production, the harnesses become a commodity. Our end-to-end engineering to production platform delivers revision-controlled engineering and mass production of harnesses within the tightest quality and cost measures.

Bid accuracy demands a true accounting of the work required to produce a harness, along with the material components. Track the costs and your inventory to ensure profitable jobs.

Guarantee delivery with immediate access to approved engineering and current scheduling of orders. Make delivery promises with confidence.

Process Enforcement guarantees that work is done to specification. Operator certification and remedial training at the point of production ensures the highest quality.


Wire Cable Harness

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Accuracy and Compliance

Wire and cable harness manufacturers are forced to balance razor thin margins with pin-point bidding accuracy. Original engineering work may be lucrative but follow-on orders are often based on lowest cost. Order sizes constantly vary, lead times are short and even the smallest production issue eliminates profitability. Agility, accuracy and control are critical.
  • Eliminate Scrap & Errors
  • Increase Bid Accuracy
  • Resolve Production Issues
  • Prevent Late Orders
  • Control Engineering Changes

Traceability and Flexibility

CIMx Software understands the intricate nature of the complex manufacturing industry. From Paint & Powder coating to discrete part builds, Quantum delivers the flexibility, visibility and control demanded to keep pace with your customers' needs. Quantum brings Serial Part & Lot Traceability, Finite Capacity Scheduling and Engineering Change Management to your shop floor.
  • Eliminate Scrap & Errors
  • Apply Automatic Rerouting
  • Utilize Digital Travelers
  • Prevent Late Orders
  • Record Complete Asset Genealogy
  • Demand Compliance

Paint Shop & Complex

No two industries share identical processes. The complex nature of discrete manufacturing creates the demand for accurate bidding, predictive scheduling and operator conformance. Utilize a Quantum Digital Traveler to explain, record and direct your operators through quality gates throughout production.

Engineering management controls critical production instructions and quality or industry specifications. Track and keep all copies of documentation up to the final build in a single, controlled archive.

Finite Scheduling organizes current production orders. Create planned work scenarios before you commit to production dates. Maximize machine usage with overage reports.

Non-conformance management provides immediate notification of resources for procedural enforcement and approved work paths for corrective action.

Complex Discrete Manufacturing

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Quantum delivers far more than reduced scrap and increased production velocity. The Rapid ROI potential of Quantum comes from the non-disruptive installation and data-driven technology that delivers production intelligence from your shop floor to your top floor. Gain the tools you need to maximize profit by adding production visibility and control to your ERP.


Shop Floor Operators


Quality Defect Costs


Non-productive Hours Wasted 


Months to ROI Balance



Shop Floor Operators


Quality Defect Costs


Non-productive Hours Wasted


Months to ROI Balance

*ROI projections are estimates. Results may vary. Contact us to see how these ROI numbers are calculated and to get a custom, detailed ROI calculation.

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