CIMx is a great company to work with; their rapid response time, willingness to demonstrate their capabilities, problem-solving ability & proactivity were impressive.


Our products are developed specifically for the make-to-order and prototyping manufacturing environments; whether you have 50 employees or thousands, our product lines scale to fit your profile. With Quantum's flat pricing model, CIMx guarantees on-time and on-budget installations. Our system installs rapidly and will serve your business for decades. Request a free 30 minute live demo to see where CIMx Software’s Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) tools might have the highest impact for your specific processes.

Our Software is True Software
We built our software products from the ground up. Where some MES companies purchase and patch tools together in order to meet your specific requirements, our standard product installs pre-loaded with full functionality.

Our Support Team Knows Our Product
As there are no third-party software add-ons and no embedded products, the team that supports you knows every bit of the software. When you call for support, you’re talking to the very people who design and write the code.

We Guarantee Your Success
CIMx Software guarantees on-time installation and sustainability of our product. Annual upgrades are  included in the standard support agreement and are always available to you as a customer.


Quantum customers can expect a 12 week timeline from discovery to implementation in a typical project. Take a look at what you can expect to experience in the weeks leading up to production launch.

Quantum customers typically see an ROI in the first 6 months of production. Ask one of our Implementation Specialists to help you identify your biggest areas of savings opportunity.

Tell us the areas of production you are focused on improving and we will prove to you that Quantum is up for the job. No canned presentations or one-size-fits-all sales pitches. See the Smart Manufacturing tools relevant to your needs function in real-time.

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Path to Purchase Timeline

Every day without manufacturing visibility is a day of lost profits. Leverage Quantum's real-time production visibility and performance analytics to increase your productivity and surpass quality targets. Align your business goals with Quantums strategic path – implementing in months rather than years.

Workflow Analysis

Validate/Match Requirements
• Identify primary requirements
• Explore Quantum live

Process Mapping

Calculate Your Initial ROI
• Review workflow processes
• Identify primary cost savings
• Schedule shop floor visit

Workflow Mapping

Your Workflow in Quantum
• Primary requirements review
Extended product demonstration

• Prioritize new requirements

Shop Floor Visit

Identify Biggest Savings
• Host CIMx on your shop floor
• Best practices advice
• Map biggest cost savings

Selection Process

Map Vendor Offering Reqs 
• Team demonstration
• Score Quantum requirements
• Identify requirement closures
• Build timeline

10-12 Weeks to Launch

Initiate Project and Timeline
• Review deliverables design
• Meet your CIMx team
• Finalize implementation schedule

7-8 Weeks to Launch

View Product Configuration
• Approve Work Centers
• Review user roles
• Confirm initial workflow
• Begin Onboarding

5-6 Weeks to Launch

View Workflow Configuration
• Confirm final workflow
• Approve dashboards / reports
• Begin Quantum training

1-2 Weeks to Launch

Install Quantum On-Site
• Install Quantum on-site
• Confirm final configuration
 User Acceptance Testing

Implementation Week

Launch Quantum
• Complete user roles/credentials
• Conduct user training
• Turn on the system

Stop Losing Profit to Procrastination

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*Timeline subject to change due to specific customer needs/ requirements.

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Why Should I Invest in Quantum?

Quantum delivers far more than reduced scrap and increased production velocity. The Rapid ROI potential of Quantum comes from the non-disruptive installation and data-driven technology that delivers production intelligence from your shop floor to your top floor. Gain the tools you need to maximize profit by adding production visibility and control to your ERP.


Shop Floor Operators


Quality Defect Costs


Non-productive Hours Wasted 


Months to ROI Balance



Shop Floor Operators


Quality Defect Costs


Non-productive Hours Wasted


Months to ROI Balance

*ROI projections are estimates. Results may vary. Contact us to see how these ROI numbers are calculated and to get a custom, detailed ROI calculation.

Flat Pricing Tailored to Your Business

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Initiate your next improvement project and kick start error-free production with a LIVE 30 MINUTE DEMO of what Quantum has to offer your business. Tell our Application Specialist 2 or 3 areas of production you are focused on improving and we will schedule a live demo inside of Quantum focused on your needs. No canned presentations or one-size-fits-all sales pitches. See the Smart Manufacturing tools relevant to your needs function with actual data in real-time.

Here's how to get started :

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  • Identify the key problem areas holding back your operations.
  • Find 30 minutes in your schedule to connect for an online demo.
  • Determine if Quantum is the best option for your business.

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CIMx Software
Who We Are

CIMx has been a key player in the discrete manufacturing software industry since 1996. For more than 20 years, CIMx manufacturing software has solved the most critical and costly problems for build-to-order, complex and prototyping manufacturers.
CIMx utilizes its rich history and experience in manufacturing to continue bridging the gaps between people, processes and technology.