Quantum’s Manufacturing Execution Software gives you complete control over your Production Operations with a full suite of Smart Manufacturing tools.

Quantum Smart Tools

Quantum installs preloaded with an entire suite of Smart Manufacturing software tools on a single platform. From Advanced Production Planning to Asset Management and Analytics, gain control of every aspect of your manufacturing process today.

Quantum Finite Scheduling merges current orders, planned work, rework and approval cycles in real-time. Workflow visibility gives control over processes, people and machines. Build production scenarios to increase your shop floor efficiency.

Quantum collects data throughout production and automatically identifies and corrects non-conforming work. Quality Control eliminates errors and scrap so you can deliver on-time.


Quantum delivers adherence to the processes you define within production with approved alternate paths. Real-time non-conformance control increases standardization of processes and production quality.

Quantum Engineering delivers approved, controlled work instructions to each operator at the point of production. Reduce scrap, enhance quality and increase output by giving your operators immediate access to the information that they need at their work center.

Track assets and their lifecycles. Consume materials in production with an automatic build record attached. Know all the materials that go into your parts and trace them back to their source with automatic, immediate and permanent build records.

Quantum Analytics delivers insights in real-time to support data-driven business decisions, from order and part cost analysis to labor efficiencies across orders, processes and work centers.


Build to exacting specifications and eliminate production errors and mistakes from your workflow with Quantum Advanced Process Planning. Digital planning accelerates production saving engineering time and effort.


Quantum delivers operational control to a single process, area, plant, division or across an enterprise. Increase enterprise efficiency with a single source of production records and data reporting all from one Smart Manufacturing platform.

Quantum controls both individual documents and full productions packets with the same robust revision control processes. With automated workflows and buy-offs, Quantum ensures process reliability and accuracy on every job.

Quantum is the first Manufacturing Execution System to include a Data Migration Engine in standard product. Kickstart production using your existing files on day one ensuring a non-disruptive implementation and seamless path toward a rapid ROI.

Bring Manufacturing Visibility to Your ERP

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Finite Scheduling

Quantum Finite Scheduling directs current orders, planned work and workflows to remove the uncertainty and guesswork associated with production.
Ship on time, every time

  • Error-proof schedule management
  • Ship date confirmation
  • Resource shortage solutions
  • Real-time current order management
  • Planned work analysis
  • Rework schedule mapping
  • Dynamic work reprioritization
  • Workflow routing
  • Process control


Plan Production Confidently

Quantum's Finite Scheduling plans regular work flows, predictive work and problem resolutions on an integrated, interactive schedule. Identify and solve machine bottlenecks or availability. Run schedule scenarios and determine best outcomes. The result is synchronized, cohesive operations from your shop floor to your top floor.

Finite Manufacturing Scheduler


Leverage Data for QA

Sustainable quality improvement requires complete production visibility to identify and eliminate the root cause of defects. Quantum delivers both real-time access to critical production data as well as the process conformance management necessary to deliver to specifications every time.

Quality Control
Quality Control

Quantum Quality Control collects data throughout production and automatically directs non-conforming work. Conformance management increases the speed of rework and preserves order delivery dates.

  • Quality data collection at point of production
  • Non-conformance management
  • Rework paths for common non-conformance processes
  • Inspection check tolerance management
  • Visual inspection records
  • Test equipment inspection records
  • Support for all areas of PDCA cycle
  • Quality check historical performance analysis
  • Production variability reduction

Process Conformance

Quantum Process Control dramatically reduces the cost of reactive repair and creates an accurate, process-controlled shop. Real-time control increases standardization of processes and production quality.

  • Real-time process change management
  • Standardized production process creation
  • Data collection at point of production
  • Complete quality metric capture
  • Automatic process enforcement
  • Approved rework paths

Controlled Work Packets

Unlock the potential of your work instructions with the advanced planning capability in Quantum. Build a revision-controlled library of approved planning to significantly reduce engineering time and support production best practices. Utilize video and multi-media to create world-class work instructions.

Process Conformance

Eliminate Operator Error

Without access to critical production information and specifications, operators utilize guesswork and memory rather than critical data, resulting in errors. Quantum eliminates these errors and supports conformances to best practices, enforcing consistency in manufacturing throughout production

Visual Work Instruction
Visual Work Instructions

Quantum Engineering delivers the most up-to-date visual and written work instructions for every job. Reduce scrap, enhance quality and increase production output by giving your operators all of the information, notes and project specs they need to do their job right the first time.

  • Automatically build a library of approved planning
  • Access past planning with revision-tracking
  • Quickly add video, even cell phone video
  • Use only the most recent, correct planning every time
  • Build approved rework paths for nonconforming parts

Asset Management

Quantum Asset Management tracks all business assets and their lifecycle with traceability to the part, vendor, certification points and lot or serial number. By utilizing the full capabilities of Quantum Asset Management, every part has an automatic, immediate and permanent build record.

  • Consolidated asset control
  • Certification of controlled materials
  • Real-time asset tracking and management
  • Complete part traceability
  • Complete part genealogy
  • Automatic calibration and reorder alerts
  • Use-by data alerts for depreciating materials

Gain Complete Traceability

Mitigate risk with complete manufacturing traceability. Quantum reduces the cost, complexity and risk of meeting regulatory mandates and audits. Take pressure off production with integrated material tracking to easily build complete traceability records.

Asset Management

Decide with Smart Data

Quantum targets and collects critical production data and delivers production Data Analytics instantly. Get immediate insights to support data-driven business decisions. Synchronize and integrate business operations from your shop floor to your top floor.

Manufacturing Data Analytics
Data Analytics

Quantum Data Analytics registers data on your entire production process from order and part cost analysis to labor efficiencies across orders, processes and work centers. Raw data becomes actionable intelligence.

  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Capacity utilization rates
  • Cycle times
  • Labor efficiency rates
  • Quality escape metrics
  • Non-conformance resolution history
  • Operator efficiency records
  • Work center efficiencies and comparisons
  • Scrap allocation rates
  • Prior period comparisons

Advanced Process Planning

Build to exacting specifications and eliminate production errors and mistakes from your workflow with Quantum Advanced Process Planning. Digital planning accelerates production saving time and effort in engineering.

  • Push highlighted Visual Work Instructions
  • Add video to complete work packets
  • Eliminate error-prone paper processes
  • Eliminate non-value-added production time
  • Automate validation of work instructions
  • Work error-free with a complete planning library
  • View all production information on a single page
  • Record all workflow automatically
  • Electronic sign-off and approvals
  • Record all revision changes for easy reporting
  • Implement an error-free engineering archive

Deliver On Time & Error-free

Increase output and efficiency with Advanced Process Planning (APP) and robust visual work instructions. Complete planning faster and deliver the correct instructions every time with an easy-to-use library of revision-controlled planning. Work accurately every time with digital work packets. Access critical production data, including safety instructions, machine set-up, best practices, additional training, and engineering specifications directly from the shop floor

Quantum Advanced Process Planning

Manage Your Enterprise

Quantum standardizes processes across an area, a facility, a division or an enterprise. For localization of processes, Quantum can share best practices between facilities and support individual site processes. Capture analytics across the enterprise and compare processes, groups or profit.

Manufacturing Enterprise
Enterprise-Wide Visibility

Build collaboration and standardization across multiple facilities with multi-site visibility and control. Increase enterprise efficiency with a single source of production records and data reporting.

  • Compare and report on data across multiple facilities
  • Quickly and efficiently move work across facilities
  • Implement enterprise standardization using a single software system
  • Capture data in a single, accessible database
  • Drive production and efficiency enterprise-wide

Document Control

Quantum Document Control eliminates paper, errors, scrap and costs from your production.  Real-time control increases production efficiency and quality across the shop.


  • Error-proof documentation
  • Complete revision control
  • Comprehensive historical archive
  • Automatic retrieval of order instructions
  • Targeting of documents to individual work centers
  • Automatic capture of all data
  • Automatic capture of quality checks
  • Guaranteed archive of as-produced records
  • Use of current documentation with automatic ingestion
  • Interactive documents with error-proofing built-in


Run Production with Data

Quantum is a single source of truth for manufacturing. From order initiation to final shipping, Quantum tracks and distributes all your critical production documents in each step of the production process. Quantum builds a complete digital production record and eliminates paper from your operations. Have an area that needs a printed traveler? Quantum lets you run production as you need.


Document Control

Eliminate Obsolete Systems

Accelerate planning and control production with a single, comprehensive source of workflow information. Eliminate inefficient and expensive disconnected production databases and intelligently migrate and link all your production data in Quantum. Powerful ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) capability extracts data from a source system or file, applies correction algorithms and transforms flat files into active Quantum data for advanced analytics and reporting.

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Quantum Manufacturing Execution System
Data Migration Engine

Start using Quantum and all your production data on day one with the Quantum Data Migration Engine. Eliminate errors and increase the flexibility, speed and accuracy of planning by transforming passive historical flat files into proactive data ready-for-use in advanced manufacturing.


  • Access all of your production data on day one
  • Transform passive data to active data
  • Eliminate legacy servers and data silos
  • Build a single-source of production information
  • Work better and faster with real time critical data
  • Eliminate errors with easy access to all data
  • Preserve and secure data from legacy systems

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Why Should I Invest in Quantum?

Quantum delivers far more than reduced scrap and increased efficiency. The Rapid ROI potential of Quantum comes from the Smart Manufacturing technology that delivers data from your shop floor to your top floor. Gain the tools you need to maximize profitability by adding visibility to your manufacturing.


Shop Floor Operators


Quality Defect Costs


Non-productive Hours Wasted 


Months to ROI Balance



Shop Floor Operators


Quality Defect Costs


Non-productive Hours Wasted


Months to ROI Balance

*ROI projections are estimates. Results may vary. Contact us to see how these ROI numbers are calculated and to get a custom, detailed ROI calculation.

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