Maximizing Your Software Investment

Our goal is to give your team access to the latest platform and tools, providing long term stability. The CIMx Annual License and Support agreement (ALS) ensures your solution stays relevant with regular updates and patches.  Any issues or problems that occur with your Software can pull you away from important priorities, but can also interrupt production, negatively impacting your customer's needs. With ALS, you get the rapid response to issues you need to keep production going. 

A team of engineers who know your product inside and out are always available to address your needs in an urgent manner – You will never be sent to a help desk or customer service phone line. As a result, you are provided with in-the-moment support from the very same team that developed your Software solution.

Our product support is rooted in collaboration, keeping your support cost low and allowing you to focus on building your business and supporting your team. 

CIMx Customer Support

Team with your dedicated CIMx Customer Support contact to solve problems, answer questions and provide expert consultation faster than a help line. Your single point-of-contact knows your production operations, installation, and software eliminating wasted time with excessive request forms and redundant explanations. 

CIMx works closely with your in-house IT and Support resources to ensure compatibility and provide support for both the core product and any user additions to the base installation.

Customer Support assists in the free patches and upgrades provided by ALS and any necessary training for users. You are never left with an obsolete solution or another piece of legacy software.

Your standard support includes quick response to requests for custom capabilities in a patch or maintenance service pack to ensure the system continues to work to meet your evolving requirements.

Schedule Optimization Labs to incorporate new technology and processes ensuring you receive maximum value from your investment.

Your dedicated Customer Support contact will assist with renewal of all license agreements, ensuring you have uninterrupted access to the software and support you need.





We get our customers production-ready more rapidly than anyone in the market. CIMx provides complete implementation services from installation to live production, letting you focus on your current work.
Quantum can be implemented without disruption to your current processes. CIMx will work with your IT team to ensure your business has as smooth of a transition as possible.






 Rapid Installation
Control costs with rapid and even remote installation
From one to hundreds, we support large and small IT organizations
Rapid Training
Content built for your team, delivered at the work area
Instant Access
Using current documentation, the system is ready day one
Document Access
Use Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Access files live on the shop floor
Preserve Processes
Use current documentation and processes for faster installation
Immediate access to work instructions saves time and money
Strong Support
Engineers provide immediate answers and solve problems more rapidly
Any Device
Browser-ready means no PC installation


With dedicated Customer Support only a phone call or email away, CIMx customers enjoy a rapid response to their questions without navigating a call center or struggling with a ticket system.

CIMx supports their customers with a dedicated Support Contact and a team of experienced Application Engineers. Our team has the technical expertise and the strategic technical know-how to deliver solutions to your manufacturing issues, keeping your company up and running so your focus will be on manufacturing and building your business, not software.

"We rely heavily on your product and we always get first class on-time customer support from members of your professional services team. We appreciate all of your efforts."



Dedicated Support Contact
You know your customer support contact by name. 
They're no further away than a phone call or email

Rapid Response
If you have a question, we guarantee a response as quickly as possible,
if not immediately. You’ll never get a busy signal or a wait time

Unlimited Customer Support
Enjoy direct access to CIMx support without limits. There’s no cost
for additional contact during the work week. It’s all part of our standard support

Free Upgrades and Patch Support
There’s never a charge for an annual software upgrades or patches

New software releases install rapidly



Software solutions in manufacturing don’t operate alone.  Critical files – drawings, instructions, tool records, data collections point, critical to quality (CTQ) measures and other required engineering documentation – are often kept in separate systems. Yet all of these documents are required for production.

Quantum Connectivity integrates with existing systems to collect, collate and distribute these documents and data when it’s needed.  With Quantum, there is no need for you to manually add documentation.  Our infrastructure allows automatic download of your files into the system, saving you valuable time and money.  Start work day one. 

Data transfer between systems is secure with Quantum.  The infrastructure ensures data can be shared across your enterprise, real-time, safely and exactly where you need it. 



Obsolete Manufacturing Systems and Data

Multiple shop floor software systems mean repetitive data entry, lost productivity and unknown errors. Over time, these systems age, lowering the productivity of the entire organization.

Quantum easily migrates data safely from archaic systems, databases and worksheets, allowing real-time access to all your manufacturing data. Immediately compare current engineering processes with older ones, allowing you to keep what works.


Access to Historical Information

Historical build information is critical to production. Only Quantum provides the ability to do new production and historical archiving the day you receive it.  Quantum error-proofs current production and provides complete analysis of all historic production records to establish current, supportable production targets.    

When your current and historical build records are in one system, today’s production goals are based on solid data and are more achievable. Compare old engineering processes with current ones and keep what works. 


Learn more about our Quantum Data Migration Engine



Retire Old Systems
Replace servers and software that are no longer supported

Reduce Errors
Multiple systems mean multiple log-ins and hidden issues

Eliminate System Failure
Old servers and archaic operating systems increase risk of failure

Increase Productivity
System speed on old software is notoriously slow

Control Costs
Ask about system costs and Total Cost of Ownership

Analyze Results
Compare this year’s results to production last year

Access Historical Information
Get access to new and historical production information from day one



Support. Consultation. Optimization.

Once installation and training are complete, CIMx continues to support you with the services included in your Annual License and Support (ALS) agreement. Our goal is always to ensure you have the support that you need to continue to build your business.
The ALS agreement is built on the partnership between CIMx and our customers. CIMx Product Support ensures you have the support needed to keep your software effective and relevant over the life of installation through Support, Consultation & Optimization.



Paperless Manufacturing Solutions


With ALS, you receive the following customer benefits:
  • Annual License Key for Quantum – either as a stand-alone site, multiple sites or an integrated enterprise. Customers who purchase multi-year contracts upfront will receive the chosen number of months of support to match the contract.

  • Consultation on Use of the Product – best practices, mini-training sessions and shortcut help.

  • User Administration and System Configuration Consultation – how to manage and create new and existing user profiles and choose configuration options for your Quantum installation.

  • Resolution – for any support issues that result in database errors or system stoppage that were caused by Quantum.

  • Consultation – on any support issues that result from your environment, other systems in your infrastructure and business rule changes that require a different use of the Quantum product.

  • Secure Access – to all standard Quantum updates and patches.

  • Annual Optimization Lab – provides refresher and product update training to ensure the maximum value for your technology investment.

  • Regular Online Tips – for as-needed training and optimization of the software.

"CIMx is a great company to work with; their rapid response time, willingness to demonstrate their capabilities, problem-solving ability and proactivity were impressive."

American Manufacturing Experience


For 20+ years, CIMx Software has been a part of the manufacturing fabric of America. Our customers will tell you, CIMx Manufacturing Solutions changed how they viewed their shop floor.