It is an unprecedented time and many businesses have had to make drastic measures to shore up their companies from a rapidly changing and eroding economy.  The team at CIMx Software has also felt the financial impact of COVID-19.  We’re also very aware that the technology space has not been as hard-hit as other industries, such as travel and hospitality, and our own market in manufacturing and count ourselves fortunate to be maintaining the level of operations we are.

We are incredibly grateful for the support approved by the federal government Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), and would like to thank our partners at Center Bank for their work alongside our leadership team as we develop our scenarios for moving forward and the team at Simple Numbers for helping us prepare for the future.

At CIMx, we believe that our people are what make us a successful organization. We owe our growth and success over the last 24 years to our team and will do whatever it takes to provide stability through this otherwise uncertain time.

CIMx has been recognized 6 times by Cincinnati’s Best Places to Work, by the Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce as Small Business of the Year and by the University of Cincinnati’s Goering Center for Family Business of the Year. Our people and our customers make that possible.

Earlier last week, we made a pledge to provide free software licenses for the remainder of calendar year 2020 to all North American manufacturers who add our production control to their operations. Now, we take the next step.  Following the lead of west-coast technology firms like Salesforce and LinkedIn that made similar announcements, the CIMx Software leadership team is committing to a no-layoff pledge through June 30, 2020. We stick by our employees, their families, and the communities in which they live and work—in the good times and the tough times. 

Why June 30th? In normal circumstances, a pledge like this would certainly not be needed. Our hope is that, come July, some sense of normalcy will have returned, rendering such a pledge unnecessary. 

As a final call to action, we ask that other leaders of Midwestern tech companies join us in this pledge. We are fortunate that the technology sector has not been as hard hit as others and owe it to our people and their families to do what we can to instill confidence during this pandemic and the months ahead. We are proud to announce that immediately four other local technology CEOs joined our pledge:

Zig Ziglar, a popular motivational speaker on people and sales, once said, “You don’t build a business, you build people—then people build the business.” Let’s show our teams where our priorities lie during this incredibly difficult time.  #InThisTogetherOhio

Nothing is impossible. 

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There's only one way a software tool can be ready for you today.  It must be built right.  It has to have the flexibility and strength of a platform that's been tested over time by thousands of customers.  It has to launch quickly, have built in connection points and be so user-friendly that it doesn't require 4 days of training. 

That's Quantum

Quantum and CIMx deliver today.  Whether you have 25 or 250 Operators that need an assignment of work right now, we can make it happen. 


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