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We believe all manufacturers need the power of information today more than ever.  We make it affordable for manufacturers of all sizes.  Call us today.  Install tomorrow.  

The world's only flat-fee MES. 

Security.  Scalability.  Sustainability.

We were the first and we're still the only flat-fee production system in the world.

A paperless manufacturing system will increase your productivity.  It should help grow your profit.  A flat-fee model gives you the flexibility to buy what you need when you need it without automatically increasing costs as your number of users grows. 

Quantum is delivered and installed directly on-premise.  Whether you are a 15-person shop or a 1,500 person enterprise, Quantum provides the critical information you need to work, all within the security of your own 4 walls. 

Choose from the platforms below or Build Your Own Quantum. 

One-time fee
Annual Fee


The core platform


unlimited users

Includes license key, Quantum University and The 28 Week Course to ensure strong User acceptance.  Areas of Quantum available in the core platform are: 

Engineering Design

Process Design

Process Control

Production Control


Shop Floor

Standard Non-Conformance

Basic Work Center Management

Quality Control

Inventory Management

Asset Management

Resource Allocation

Work Queues


Calibration Records

Preventative Maintenance

Machine Maintenance



and more

Quantum Premium

Full feature access



unlimited Users

Includes license key, Quantum University and The 28 Week Course to ensure strong User acceptance.  This includes all the areas of the core platform plus: 

The Core Quatnum platform from Engineering and Process Design through Workflows


Order Simulation

Late Shipment Warnings

Late Order Resolution

Custom Non-Conformance

Complete Work Center Management

Business Analytics

and more

Quantum Extras

Add one or more tools to increase the impact of Quantum.


As a completed integrated product platform, you can increase the power of Quantum by including additional features to your implementation.  These include:

Turbo Planning - an automated tool to pull in your current work instructions and routings. 

Data Engine - an automated tool to pull in your current assets, materials, parts and other inventory.

ERP Data Processor - an automated tool to attach your current ERP to Quantum.  Build your own integration. 

Interactive Report Builder - an automated tool to push data from Quantum to a report-building tool of your choice.  Build your own custom reports.  


Quantum Training and Support

Initial Training Additional Training or expanded User count
Training is required at installation and with all new license purchases. A system as easy as Quantum doesn't take much to get started, but the finer points of the product heavy in Artificial Intelligence or automation work best with instruction. First 25 Users
$ 3,600
$ 3,600
for all new system installations
Per hour (prep and follow up work included)
$ 500
$ 500
Ask us how we scale this as your numbers of employees grow.

Our standard training package covers 7 key areas of Quantum from the System Administrator through to Order Management and 7 months of consultation calls to leverage Quantum in your workflow process.  Spend 1 hour each week or be more aggressive and go through several sessions at once.  The timing is up to you.  

Ask us about how we scale this for larger groups.

Annual Support Package Annual Support Package Single Version Upgrade
Most customers purchase annual or multi-year contracts for their sites. The choice is up to you. Scale your investment for the help you need. Individual User
$ 170
$ 170
25 minimum Users
Shared Work Center
$ 675
$ 675
Minimums Apply
For customers without annual contract
$ 2,750
$ 2,750
Ask for more information or Build Your Own Quantum below.

Build your own Quantum. 

Every manufacturer is different and every Quantum can be too.  Sound expensive?  Try us.  

Build your own Quantum, selecting just the items that you need.  Need Scheduling but don't need Analytics?  No problem.  Want annual Support but not Work Center Management?   You choose.  Put together the unique set of required elements that you need and let us take care of the rest.  

I want to build my own Quantum.


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Reach out to us at or give us a call at 513-248-7700.  We answer every call and email.  Every one.