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Process-driven manufacturing like food production, pharmaceuticals and highly automated production environments need records to prove compliance with approved processes.  For the very few companies that use complete automation, there are custom systems available but for most companies, human Operators introduce error and uncertainty.  Quantum provides the solution for each step of the process without the heavy customization for most Industry 4.0 shops.     

Process manufacturing requires compliance of each step of the process to work.  Errors in one area spread rapidly and no rework is possible so scrap is a constant issue.  Recipe control is critical for those who have recipes in their process.  Controlled engineering is required for others to ensure that the finished goods meet the standards.  Quantum enforces processes automatically, distributing work to certified work centers and requiring data collection through every step of the process.   

We have 25 years of experience ensuring that composite companies have the Production Control they require for compliance.  Maintain all of your certifications including your MSDS sheets, ISO 9001 and AS 9100 compliance with a platform that's ready to install today and use tomorrow.

Process Compliance

Process-driven manufacturing is completely dependent on the ability of each Operator to follow each step of the proscribed route for materials and parts.  Many manufacturers use common programs to keep their process instructions.  This does not provide the control that you need for proper compliance.  

Our Quantum Production Control platform gives you everything you need to be compliant in the production processes you use.    

Build your process.  Create a process step-by-step with the proper number of quality checks throughout.  Require data collection from individual Operators as they work or gather result files off machines.  

Track your progress.  Monitor each production process and ensure compliance to the original requirement automatically.  

Certify your work.  Record every action on each batch for compliance with the process.  Control the ingredients and materials used by your shop floor and the people that use them with certification of each lot and the Operators doing the work. 

Resolve your issues.  Communicate alerts to the right people when a process isn't going well and push automated rework routines to the proper place along with approval of each piece of rework.   

Record your work.  Get an automated record of every action by every person during the process from the original recipe through to final product and quality inspection.  

"Quantum increased our production by 35% and cut our scrap by about 80% in less than six months."
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"Quantum gives our team a visual into every operation on our floor in real-time. I'm never out of the loop."
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"We chose to partner with CIMx again because we know they can take our company to the next level."
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