Get reports on every piece of work being done on the shop floor anytime and from anywhere with true and complete Production Control.


Workflow Optimization

Use the power of Quantum's automated Order Management and Scheduling to optimize every workflow. Put your resources where you most need them and increase the efficiency of your workforce, no matter who shows up today.

Emergency Order Control

When something goes wrong on the shop floor, correct it quickly and efficiently, without leaving your desk. Put the right information in front of the right people to solve problems quickly and communicate with the right teams to institute changes based on what you learned. Keep your orders moving and deliver on time.

Time and Cost Management

Build estimates for how long each piece of work should take and compare work to prior periods to capture productivity gains. Compare work center efficiency, personnel effectiveness and even Order efficiency, all at the touch of a button with Quantum. Predict the profit for each piece of work based on the actual steps of production to complete it and compare that to the amount you spent to complete it.


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Process Design

Design one or more processes from simple routings to complex sets of integrated process steps. Ensure that every step of your process is followed.

Engineered Parts

Create your product designs and the process to manufacture them, whether it's a simple routing, a job packet or a complex set of integrated process steps.

Process Manufacturing

Control basic and complex process-driven manufacturing with a platform that gives you the tools to both design and run them.

Production Scheduling

Push all your work to your shop floor automatically in the right sequence to make it profitable and know that it will be done on time.

Inventory Management

Track every material, part, sub-assembly and tool used throughout production for complete, end-to-end traceability for industry and customer compliance.

Process Control

Manage every step of the processes you are running on your shop floor, whether it's a simple routing, a job packet or a complex set of integrated process steps.

Quality Control & Engineering

Demand complete compliance with your processes and your audit requirements. Reallocate work automatically or on-demand with the touch of a button.

Business Analytics

Make your factory SMART with tools from design through automated data capture. Get the data you need when and how you need it with the touch of a button.