Communication to and from your shop floor is impossible on paper.  You cannot rely on email and you can't expect your Quality Engineers or your supervisors to be running around all day trying to find the right people for the message.  Give your production team the tools they need to do their work and the platform that allows real-time, in-process communication. 

Quantum automates communication as it relates to your processes.  It sends all the information you need where it needs to go when it needs to get there.  When production doesn't happen as planned, Quantum provides automated alerts to the right people, rescheduling work-in-progress (WIP) and giving automated workarounds.


Real-time Messaging

  • Check work-in-progress (WIP)
  • Verify work completion
  • Automated change notices 
  • Operator alerts
  • Quality Engineer alerts

Production Workarounds

  • Pre-approved rework paths
  • Single-touch access to issues
  • In-progress Engineering solutions

Alerts and other Messages

  • Operator alerts
  • Quality alerts
  • Tool out-of-calibration alerts
  • Machine maintenance warnings
  • Late shipment warnings

Real-time Communication

Identify issues on the shop floor immediately and push out resolutions before the Operators have the time to signal something's wrong.  Take immediate and firm control of amy issue without relying on a person running down to the shop to socialize it.  Get a system that will track work-in-progress (WIP) and communicate both what's going well and what's not automatically so you know that production will be completed on-time every time. 

We're ready to show you your future. 

What's Next?

Once you know you can communicate issues, resolutions and performance, you can touch some of the finer points of Production Control.  Control where work is going with Route Control.  Keep track of all work in progress with Dashboards.  Find out how you're really doing with a set of Analytics dashboards that track everything from compliance issues to time on job.  All at the click of a button.  

"Quantum increased our production by 35% and cut our scrap by about 80% in less than six months."


VP of Manufacturing Midwest Process Manufacturer

"Quantum gives our team a visual into every operation on our floor in real-time. I'm never out of the loop."

Production Manager Industrial Production Manufacturer

"We chose to partner with CIMx again because we know they can take our company to the next level."

Operations Supervisor Aerospace Manufacturer