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Quantum designs your processes and products for complete control of your work, your money and your time.   

Quantum is ready so you are too.

Every Quantum installation prepares you for your day, whether that's today, tomorrow or three weeks from Tuesday next year.  With access to real-time information about your shop, it's about time you took a closer look at how Quantum can help you.  

Process Design

Design one or more processes from simple routings to complex sets of integrated process steps.  Ensure that every step of your process is followed.

Engineered Parts

Create your product designs and the process to manufacture them, whether it's a simple routing, a job packet or a complex set of integrated process steps.

Process Manufacturing

Control basic and complex process-driven manufacturing with a platform that gives you the tools to both design them and run them.

Production Scheduling

Push all your work to your shop floor automatically in the right sequence to make it profitable and know that it will be done on time. 

Inventory Management

Track every material, part, sub-assembly and tool used throughout production for complete, end-to-end traceability for industry and customer compliance.

Process Control

Manage every step of the processes you are running on your shop floor, whether it's a simple routing, a job packet or a complex set of integrated process steps.

Production Control

Manage every job on your shop floor on-time without opening a spreadsheet or tracking down a routing, whether you have one big job or 1,000s all at once.

Quality Control

Demand complete compliance with your processes and your audit requirements.  Reallocate work automatically or on-demand with the touch of a button.

Business Analytics

Make your factory SMART with tools from design through automated data capture.  Get the data you need when and how you need it with the touch of a button. 


Know how everything's going without waiting until its done.  Get rapid and real-time reporting that gives you the information you need to make decisions mid-production when required.

Asset Maintenance

Machine uptime is critical for your production.  Get notifications of maintenance due, run planned maintenance and pick the right time on your schedule to do the work.  

Asset Calibration

Get the record-keeping you need to track calibration records and ensure that your tools are properly set for the work you need them to do.  Prevent tool usage past calibration requirements and really control your shop.  


Get every Order onto the shop floor without having to manage the process.  Put the work where it needs to go and ensure that it will be done on time.


Get an immediate view of the work on the shop floor and its progress towards completion.  Quantum does all the heavy-lifting for you as you do your daily work.


Ensure every member of your shop can communicate with the right team(s) without wandering around.  Send alerts or just leave notes for future shifts.

Quantum is built for today so you're ready for tomorrow.

Every Quantum installation prepares you for today, tomorrow and the future with instant access to real information about the work you're doing.  Abandon your template-based sheets.  Get rid of your white boards with production schedules.  See how Quantum can help you build, control and maintain your shop.

We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service on the planet. 

We believe it separates great companies from everyone else.  And you can't run your shop with just anyone.


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