Know you're building your parts correctly, you need to be able to communicate with the shop.  Quantum Engineering puts your work instructions right where they need to be.



Commit ship dates to your customers and finish the work on-time.  Quantum Scheduling knows where production is, when it will be done and how to get it done faster.


The work flows smoothly when you put it in the right place with all the materials and information to do the job.  Quantum Production gives you the right tools at the right time.


A live routing helps you adjust things quickly when you need to.  Quantum Routings queue the work properly for every member of your shop.


Know where your work is at all times with real-time, up-t0-the-second digital displays.  Quantum Dashboards give you a view of your shop from anywhere.


Manage issues on the floor as they arise, predict and prevent new ones.  Quantum Quality Control gives you the tools to solve AND prevent issues in manufacturing. 


Locate every tool, person, material, part and asset in your shop from anywhere.  Quantum Asset Management tracks usage, calibration, expiration, cost and all other asset information you need.


Ensure every machine is  properly tuned to keep your schedule.  Quantum Machine Maintenance plans your maintenance, tracks it and warns you when you're coming due.


Compare daily run rates with historical numbers and push performance.  Quantum Analytics compares cost, time, error-free production and all the other metrics you need.


Track and trace location and usage of every tool in your shop.  Quantum Tool Management gives you historical usage and takes tools out of circulation when due for calibration.


Communicate with your shop within the tool so that all eyes remain on the most important work.  Quantum Communication has the tools you need to keep communication to the work at-hand and when required. 


Remain compliant with your industry's requirements, your customers' demands and your internal processes.  Quantum Compliance keeps you on track.


Keep all your data secure in an on-premise installation.  Behind your firewall, all your critical manufacturing is safe from prying eyes and hacks.  Quantum Security delivers the information you need and to no one else.



Circulate the information that you need and approve to the people that need to see it.  Quantum helps you control communication throughout your business, whether it is one site or many.


Get the support you need when you need it.  CIMx provides engineer support as part of standard product; no more 1-800 help desk nightmare.  Call us and meet an engineer today to ask us the questions no one answers for you.


Incorporate your own processes, workflows, reports and requirements into the system.  Quantum allows both rapid and wide-spread personalization without expensive engineering work.   Ask us how.

Complete Control

Whether you make one or one thousand parts today, you need to make them right, make them on-time and make them profitably.  

Complete Orders on-time and on-budget with the only manufacturing software designed specifically for complex, discrete manufacturing. Quantum delivers end-to-end Production Control for every Order.

  • Drive throughput and eliminate scrap in the Advanced Planning Center

  • Guarantee ship dates and demand conformance with shop floor WIP controls

  • Identify trends and automatically record, report and react in real-time


Quickly and easily engineer plans with multimedia Operator instructions, tolerance ranges and reroute paths.


Deliver only the clearest, most accurate work instructions to your Operators to increase velocity and eliminate scrap.

Build It Right

We know Production Control  because we've been there, we've seen it and we've solved it before.  With 25 years under our belts, we're ready to help you too.


Manage quality by monitoring progress, issuing dispositions and leading your team to achieve daily targets.


Leverage the data generated from your shop floor to eliminate guesswork, track KPI metrics and grow your business. 
"Variability used to be our biggest issue. Now it’s finding a bigger facility to handle all of the new work!" 

President Electronic Production Company

"Quantum records every Operator action on every order. It saved us a ton of hours on our last audit."

Quality Manager Aerospace Manufacturer

"We’ve seen more benefit from our partnership with CIMx than we could have possibly imagined."

CEO Defense Manufacturer