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CIMx has more experience than any other competitor in this space.  We are affordable, reachable and technically superior.    

Quantum is a better tool for manufacturers.  It installs today with no need for fancy connections or special equipment.  Quantum launches on the same equipment that you might house your documents or mail.  

Quantum is constructed better.  The interface makes training natural.  Quantum works for manufacturers that make one large part over many months and those that put out thousands every day.  It's key process components give you all the control you need.  

Quantum scales with your business.  Quantum keeps a simple schedule for smaller shops of 25 or 30 Operators  and maps out the critical paths to keep manufacturers with hundreds of Operators on the shop floor every day working seamlessly as production flows. 

Your tools, today.

There's only one way a software tool can be ready for you today.  It must be built right.  It has to have the flexibility and strength of a platform that's been tested over time by thousands of customers.  

Quantum and CIMx deliver you just that.  Whether you have 25 or 250 Operators that need an assignment of work right now, we can deliver it.  Call us and find out more. 

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Assistant Chief Engineer Midwest Manufacturer

"Quantum gives our team a visual into every operation on our floor in real-time. I'm never out of the loop."
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Production Manager Industrial Production Company

"We chose to partner with CIMx again because we know they can take our company to the next level."
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Operations Supervisor Aerospace Manufacturer