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Quantum for the smaller shop

We believe all manufacturers need the power of information and the affordability to make it possible. 

With less than 50 employees, you cannot afford the upfront system costs that many manufacturing software platforms charge.  You need a system that grows your profit rather than draining it. Try the basic Quantum platform and grow with the system over time to Industry 4.0.

Quantum Shop License

Quantum Shop is built for the smaller manufacturer that needs the power of the tools traditionally available to larger enterprises.  We include everything you need to run your shop from product design through order control to production itself.  We include inventory and tool management, provide issue identification and resolution and even analytics to know how you're doing from day to day and in comparison to prior periods.  

Run your shop like the Fortune 50 for just $4,995 per year.  We include phone and email support, new versions of the software and even free consultation every year for your first 30 employees.  

Your license includes annual support with live telephone and email connection to a dedicated resource that knows your account and can help you quickly.  Let us show you what it's like to work with the most responsive software company on earth. 

Installation & Training

For a single, flat fee of $8,600, we configure the software specifically for your shop, including pre-loading your users.  We will install it, and walk you through each area of the product in training sessions built on your specific user roles. 

Once you have Quantum active in your environment, we begin a 28-week consultation with you, making sure you have proactive support, built on moving you forward.  

The world's only flat-fee manufacturing software. 

Security.  Scalability.  Sustainability.

Industry 4.0

When you're ready to begin a path to Industry 4.0, Quantum is ready.  Add tools that schedule all the work on your shop floor to meet tight production deadlines and troubleshoot work that's late.  Take a machine or work center offline for preventative maintenance and see the outcome on your delivery dates for individual jobs and work as a whole.  

Need to see if you can meet a deadline?  Quantum can predict your work capacity and help you make promises based on data.  And, if the schedule is a little open or crowded in an area that you don't want it to be, move work to an alternate work center rapidly at the touch of a button.

Advanced Analytics give you all the data you need to make measured decisions in your every day work, see patterns and even assess capacity requirements and set data-driven work estimates.  


You have questions.  We have answers.