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Quantum for the enterprise

We believe all manufacturers need the power of information and the affordability to make it possible. 

Today's enterprise needs more than distributed plants and a large workforce.  The speed of information is critical to organizations that share work, resources, customers and supply chains.  Manufacturers of today need the right information, data and people to make it all work.  

Just because you're a larger business doesn't mean you have a larger budget to spend.  We challenge the idea every day that manufacturing software has to be high-priced.  

Quantum provides the flexibility for each of your plants to operate independently where you want them to and hold those plants to the common standards that you need.  Share information, dashboards and work.  Report everything up through a corporate dashboard of work across the enterprise.  

Quantum Enterprise License

Quantum is built for manufacturers that need to now what's going on and how to make their products faster, better, cheaper and to the very tightest requirements.  No ERP can give you the full power of Quantum's connected platform.  

We publish our single-site prices; we've built our toolsets to accommodate flexibility in information, workflow and also pricing.  For customers who have larger, multi-site installations, we provide pricing built for your company, including discounts up to 40% on larger purchases.  

Your license includes annual support with live telephone and email connection to a dedicated resource that knows your account and can help you quickly.  Let us show you what it's like to work with the most responsive software company on earth. 

Installation & Training

Quantum is an on-site application.  For you, this is done on a private cloud or at a centralized data center.  We configure Quantum specifically for each plant, where you allow them custom set-ups, or apply a common configuration across your enterprise.  

We deliver the system with concierge-style services, including pre-loading the platform with all your current manufacturing data, pre-loading your users and even setting up your initial non-conformance and issue workflows.  From there, we provide training.  Your first 30 users at each site are covered, with additional training classes at just $500 per class.  


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