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As a manufacturer you collect data – a lot of data. Chances are you’ve been saving everything, in various formats, for decades. Your certifications demand you maintain records of past builds, but standards change over time and just recovering the right information has become a full time job.

Whether your data is housed on an older platform, a homegrown system or an overworked, failing Access/Excel database, we have your solution.

The CIMx Advanced Engineering team solves the most complex database issues, regardless of age or format, every day.

The integrity of your data is critical to your success. Never allow it to be compromised.

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CIMx consolidates your legacy data from multiple systems into Quantum or another stable platform in your existing network.


Legacy data is then corrected to account for changes in production language, recording style, compliance processes or other critical data differences.


All of your data is then mapped into a central repository based on common elements.

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Identify the process gaps, system overlaps and production risks that are costing your team time and money with the CIMx Production Audit.

Before you can find your solution you need to fully understand your problems. Host our Experts on-site or connect with our team online to walk through your everyday processes.

Uncover the causes of your frustrations, eliminate hidden risks and take advantage of opportunities throughout your shop. 

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