Power from Process

Manufacturers that build with carbon composite know it is difficult to control and costly to scrap.  The manufacturing environment is critical to its application and often, non-conformance management can overtake actual production time.  It requires  complex material calculations and precise timing.  Whether you are dealing with the complexities and challenges of manufacturing for Aerospace and Defense or you are delivering parts for non-regulated industries, you have the same challenges.

Quantum manufacturing software reduces the risk and preserves the integrity of every piece you work on.  

It delivers complete Production Control and Order visibility.  Whether you are making a single wind turbine blade, an aileron or smaller parts, you have the same requirements for build book compliance, process control, precise data collection and accurate reporting.  

Struggling with scrap?

Quantum eliminates defects with automated work flows, Operator certification,  tolerance checks and materials control.  Ovens can be centers of confusion where multiple Orders gather for finishing processes.  Move materials and parts in and out of joint work centers without issue and know that your part production is smooth and compliant.  


Material Traceability

The materials required for your work are both time and environmentally sensitive. Utilize manufacturing software to track the life of every asset that goes into production with complete serialized, part and lot traceability records.

Error Elimination

Demand perfection on every build and eliminate turnbacks with automatic tolerance checks. Issue dispositions and end the defects and bottlenecks that cut into your margins.

Change Management

Every second spent building to outdated specs is an attack on your bottom line. Direct and log ECO’s to every area of your shop floor, instantly eliminating mistakes and keeping production on schedule.
CIMx Composite Manufacturing

Composite Excellence

Composite manufacturing is one of the fastest growing forms of complex production in the U.S.  Composite builds are diverse, unforgiving and must navigate fixed oven times, high material costs and rigorous quality checks.

Whether you are using sandwich or honeycomb core, polymer matrix, laminate, prepreg or other composite structures to build your product, you need rigorous process control with efficient scheduling, order transparency and tools and materials tracking.  A manufacturing software solution designed to aid each production worker is essential for your operations.

Quantum for Composites delivers: 

  • Complete Engineering records
  • Accurate data collection
  • Pre-approved process steps
  • In-process work validation
  • Precise rework processes
  • Quality check enforcement
  • Materials tracking
  • Material management
  • Operator certification
  • Work center management and compliance
  • Work flow control (certified equipment)
  • ISO 9001 certification compliance
  • Work in Progress (WIP) reporting
  • Real-time Dynamic Scheduling
  • Production capacity control
  • Operator capacity
  • Tolerance management and validation



Composite Manufacturing Impact

Carbon Composites manufacturers are faced with ever escalating demands for increased Quality, control and reporting. Quantum enforces build conformance to execute every order to spec. Deliver the engineering agility and shop floor intelligence your customers demand, with Quantum manufacturing software.

Quantum Delivers:

  • A controlled end-to-end production process,
  • Increase production throughput,
  • Eliminate recalls, returns and turn backs,
  • Deliver ahead of schedule and under budget, and
  • Serial, Part and Lot Traceability Records.


Engine Blades


Quantum Scheduling

Never let your timeline hurt your bottom line

Complete orders more efficiently than your competition without adding additional resources to your shop. Connect your timeline, assets, Operators and orders with Quantum’s fully synchronized scheduler.

Eliminate future production bottlenecks before they can impact your bottom line to guarantee deliveries are on time, every time.

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"Quantum increased our production by 35% and cut our scrap by about 80% in less than six months."
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