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Best Places to Work - CIMx


Are you passionate about technology and excited to take on new challenges? Do you work best in a supportive, creative community that strives for innovative excellence?

CIMx is the place for you!

CIMx cultivates a positive work culture for our employees, fostering the innovation and creativity that promotes success.

The CIMx culture promotes teamwork. Inspiration often occurs when you step away from your desk and explore, so our team holds monthly outings to spark conversation, build relationships and reboot our minds. A snapshot of the outings our team has enjoyed include:

  • Scavenger Hunt at Sawyer Point
  • Escape Room Challenges
  • A Day Out at Kings Island
  • Preparing Meals for the Ronald McDonald House
  • Volunteerism at Matthews 25 Ministries
  • Bring Your Dog to Work Days
  • Chili Cook Offs
  • and many more...

We are always looking for talented, passionate people who want to make an impact on our company’s continued success. Look forward to going to work each day. Become a member of the CIMx Software team!

Submit your resume by form or email your materials directly to

Growing as a Team

Our diverse, talented and driven team challenges themselves and their peers to grow personally and professionally.

CIMx has earned the Best Places to Work Finalist honors every year since 2013 and believes our team members are our most value resource.

Application Specialist

View full posting | CIMx is looking to hire a new team member with a passion for customer service and the drive to take on new challenges.

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Software Developer

View full posting | Play a hands-on role in all phases of the software development life cycle from planning, design, development, testing and support to quickly build impressive experience that typically takes years to accumulate.

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Software Developer

Co-Op | Spring 2019

View full posting | As a co-op/intern, you will be working side by side with our team of developers who are dedicated and passionate about technology.

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Stay Connected

Learning Center

Stay Connected with the Latest in Manufacturing

Our team believes that supporting manufacturing begins with education. CIMx publishes blogs, newsletters and learning sessions to increase industry awareness and provide solutions to production issues from the common to the critical. Sign up for the monthly CIMx Newsletter or explore the hundreds of tips in our CIMx Manufacturing Blog.

CIMx provides your team the tools to make the most informed decisions possible to ensure the success of your business.

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About Us

History of Manufacturing Innovation

CIMx began its journey in 1996 by developing Planning and Engineering systems for Fortune 500 US Aerospace and Defense manufacturers. The need for advanced Process Control, high regulatory compliance and system agility has fueled more than 20 years of manufacturing software innovation.

Our Mission

CIMx began with the dream of making the Production Control tools, previously only affordable to our highest earning clients, available to small and mid-market manufacturers. This dream acted as the inspiration for our Quantum® MES/MOM platform.

We believe every manufacturer deserves a sustainable system that delivers both the agility and control that their customers demand, regardless of size or revenue stream.

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CIMx Blog

Hundreds of Solutions

The CIMx Manufacturing Blog has hundreds of entries focused on manufacturing, solution systems and tricks of the trade. Find the insight you need to grow your business written by our team of industry insiders. Learn how to best utilize your existing resources and what new tools will deliver the greatest impact on production. 

Let's Get to Work

Complete orders ahead of schedule and under budget with the MES/MOM platform designed for complex, discrete manufacturing. Quantum’s Production dashboards, Quality Control system and Engineering tools deliver end-to-end Production Control for every order, every time.

  • Drive throughput and eliminate scrap in the Advanced Planning Center

  • Guarantee ship dates and demand conformance with shop floor WIP controls

  • Identify trends and automatically record, report and react in real-time

"Quantum increased our production by 35% and cut our scrap by about 80% in less than six months."
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VP of Manufacturing Midwest Manufacturer

"Quantum gives our team a visual into every operation on our floor in real-time. I'm never out of the loop."
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Production Manager Industrial Production

"We chose to partner with CIMx again because we know they can take our company to the next level."
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Operations Supervisor Aerospace Manufacturer