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You need consistent access and searchability in your most critical data.  Whether that's an Excel database of tools or an Access database with your products and their critical paths to completion.  When you keep these items in aging and size-restricted products, there's the inevitable call for help when something goes awry.

We have 25 years of database background that can help.  Whether you need to save all that information in a searchable and archival form or whether you need everyday access to all of it, we can help.  

Our Data Migration Engine helps with database recovery, use and archiving.  If you still have access to the data but don't know what table or column goes with what and how to link it in a format that is useful, we can help with that, too. 

We have an expert team of database experts ready to help you today.   

What can you do with it?

Using our Database Migration Engine, CIMx can do almost anything with your old, aging or size-restricted databases.  

Have data that needs correction?  Our automated scripts available in Database Migration Engine fix whatever needs to be fixed.  Do it all at once or over time - your choice.  

Have data that requires completion?  When some of your people note a date as MM-DD-YY and others go for the abbreviated form, you can be in trouble with auditors.  Standard patterns are a requirement with any ISO9001 or other regulatory body.  

Have data that require correlation?  No problem.  This is a finer point of data migration that is unlike anything that other companies may offer you.  Only our Data Migration Engine has the matching technology that allows us to provide you with correlation on old or even current data.  Where is this When one entry in your data refers to a work center as "WC1" and another labels it "WC 1" the simple addition of a space eliminates all chance of data analysis.  We can correlate those two values in order to help you see all of your data in the same way.  

Find Your Data and Deliver it Back

We start any Database Rescue program with a review of the data you have.  Within a matter of days, we should be able to show you that data in a structure that you can move, search and store.  

Database Rescue for Manufacturers

Data Discovery

Identify Patterns and Errors

Once we know what your data looks like and how it behaves and relates to other points, we can do almost anything you need.  We will establish patterns in the data and immediate errors that jump out with a few simple tests on the Data Migration Engine platform.  

Database Rescue for Manufacturers

Pattern Recall

Push the Data into a Usable Format

We will deliver you adjusted files with all of your data in the format that you need or want.  Include as much correction, completion or correlation as you need.  Do it all at once or work with us over time.  The time and data are yours to own however you need.  

Database Rescue for Manufacturers

Reusable Data