Making Profit in a Commoditized Industry

In Wire and Rope Harness manufacturing, complex labeling and testing of every part drive increased production costs in an industry that is famous for the rush to the bottom of the price point.  Profit is traditionally rich in the part Engineering, prototyping and first part production of this industry.  

Quantum delivers you the tools to beat the competition.

Whether you are making parts in the U.S. or abroad, you have the control you need, the access to real-time production that you crave and the tools to help you navigate every step of the part production from early Engineering through to full-scale manufacturing. 

Quantum calculates automatically what you should charge for each part to make a profit and, for larger orders, includes your fixed costs per part to enable you to sharpen your estimates and ensure that your bids are both fair and make you money.  Quantum also keeps track of real-time production - where every Order and every piece of material is in production at any moment - so you know when you can apply Engineering Change Orders.  

When a customer calls with an Order that requires a guaranteed delivery date, Quantum calculates the expected ship-by date and, throughout production, warns of bottlenecks, late Orders and cost overruns.  Need a complete report of all work done and the resulting electric readings of every part you produce?  Quantum can capture, track and report on those at the touch of a button.

Win more work and eliminate the errors that negatively impact your bottom line with Quantum for Wire Rope and Harness.


Absolute Compliance

Make sure that every wire and rope harness that you build meets the proper specifications for each customer, even where every Order is different.  Guarantee every job is completed by trained, certified Operators.

Compete Stronger

This industry is all about the lowest possible price.  Choose what projects you take on based on accurate projected profits.  Beat the competition with automated production records and build information that allows your customer to see exactly where their product is in process. 

Cost Control

Guarantee work is completed on time and on budget without cutting costs or corners. Control all production from a single screen, eliminating paper packets  from the floor and be more productive while you're making more money.
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Profitable Production Control

In Wire and Rope Harness manufacturing, it's not enough to have an electronic dashboard.  You have to be able to schedule, track and move any piece of work that's not performing as it should.  Eliminate bottlenecks immediately from a shop floor that is in constant motion and often runs without much supervision.  

Use Quantum's Production Control for easy access to this information and as a hub to maximize your efficiency and profit.  Control all work and rework, the calendar and the schedule, the cost and the profit.  

Wire and Rope Harness also requires frequent quality checks, clear work instructions and rapid decision-making so the shop doesn't continue to build product when a change needs to be made. Quantum delivers complete control over the production process so you can do all this from one screen, wherever you are.

Enforce the quality standards and documentation to support ISO 9001, IPC/WHMA-A-620 and Six Sigma lean practices. Complete your customer Orders ahead-of-schedule and under-budget with Quantum.

Quantum delivers for the Wire and Rope Harness Industry: 

  • Production Conformance Tools
  • Engineering Change Management
  • Pinpoint Bid Accuracy
  • Digital Work Packets



Electronic Assembly Impact

EA & WH manufacturers are faced with ever escalating demands for increased Quality, control and reporting. Quantum enforces build conformance to execute every order to spec. Deliver the engineering agility and shop floor intelligence your customers demand, with Quantum.

Quantum Delivers:

  • Increase production throughput
  • Eliminate recalls, returns and turnbacks
  • Deliver ahead of schedule and under budget
  • Serial, Part and Lot Traceability Records


Control Panel Helicopter


Resource Management

What is the true cost of wasted materials for your shop?

If you’re not implementing lean manufacturing in Wire Harness and Electronic Assembly you’re already falling behind. When margins are tight and space is at a premium you need the solution designed for the complexity of your work.

Run an efficient shop by controlling your assets, scheduling away machine downtime and only ordering the lengths/materials required to get the job done.

Let's Get to Work

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Experience how Quantum:

  • Permanently Eliminate Errors
  • Improves Every Phase of Production
  • Sets the Stage for Your Future

If you’re still not convinced Quantum is the right fit for your shop, our Experts can send you a list of alternative solutions from our extensive network.

"Quantum increased our production by 35% and cut our scrap by about 80% in less than six months."
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"Quantum gives our team a visual into every operation on our floor in real-time. I'm never out of the loop."
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