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ERPs manage information; they catalog and search items from bills to dollars to hours all day long.  They aren't built to deal with the intricacies of manufacturing where work, people and materials are moving and changing all the time.  If your people are clocking on and off jobs, you have absolutely no control over what's going on. 

You need a system that can push a piece of work to a work center that is open right now,  certify that the person in that area is certified to do the work, ensure the machine is properly prepped and that all the materials are at the proper work station, alert everyone of the change, give the operator all the information they need to do their job and then track progress across all areas.  Your ERP can't do even one of those steps. 

Why do you use a system that was built to track your expenses to track your work?

What can you do with your ERP?

Use your ERP for its intended use - supporting the administrative and financial functions of your front office.  Move forward to a system that can actually help you define, construct and complete work as it was meant to be done in manufacturing. Leave the spreadsheet-style list of work your ERP calls a schedule and move to an interactive system that identifies issues and gives you all the tools to solve the problem at the same time. 

Where to start? 

Attach a real Production Schedule to your ERP.  Our Quantum platform extends what's possible with that ERP you currently use.  Without breaking it open or customizing a thing.  From there, move on to real-time Inventory Control and Maintenance Control and Management

Ask us how you can get what you need from the shop and tools you have today.

Identify Your Workflow

We start any ERP expansion program with a review of your current workflows. We might even suggest a Production Audit to really map out what's possible for you.  Within a week, we can map your current processes to a dynamic workflow model and show you what's possible.  

ERP Expansion for Manufacturers

Workflow Identification

Create a Master Schedule

The next step is to take a look at where things operate a little differently for you.  Where do you diverge from the normal workflow?  What's your most critical process that requires a certain amount of customization or hand-holding as it enters production?

ERP Expansion for Manufacturers

Master Scheduling

Connect the Pieces of Production

Let your Operators continue to clock in and out if you need to while we push the higher-level information that's required to actually run production to your supervisors and your leadership team.  

ERP Expansion for Manufacturers

Production-ready Scheduling