How We Engage

We have worked with partners since the very beginning in 1996.  Learn more about how we can help you here.  


Partnerships, for us, are about repeatable, value-added activities.  We have solutions for you and a platform for your clients and customers. 

For consultants, we work to understand your business model and your core client.  We have a product that gives you the information you require from your clients to provide value-added consulting services on Lean, Six Sigma, Continuous Improvement and Productivity. 

For software companies, we learn about your own platform and what you need to extend your customer offering.  We have a platform that integrates easily and provides gobs of data for you to either offer your customer or use to enrich your own product platform. 



The Quantum platform is a full Manufacturing Execution System (MES).  It has functionality from inventory to process and part management, scheduling to tool calibration, reporting to analytics.



Quantum installs on-premise for manufacturers who can't afford the on-going costs of cloud offerings or the risks associated with putting their product designs out there. Plan an hour or two for this work.



You don't need to connect Quantum to anything.  It can run your design and dispatch your work without any additional information.  Most customers do connect it to an ERP or at least one other data source.

What's it take?

Tell us a little about yourself.  What are you trying to achieve?  How can we help?  What do you need to accomplish for your clients or your customers?