Heavy Duty Manufacturing

To be competitive in today’s global manufacturing market, you need total control of every resource: people, parts, costs, inventory, materials, machines, your schedule and your Orders.  You need to optimize your cost centers and preserve profit wherever you can.  To do this, you need to know where you are using your resources, how many of them and when. 

You can't do this on paper.  Quantum schedules work in the most efficient way possible, preserving costs wherever there are opportunities to do so.  Whether you are prototyping a single part, producing an initial run or completing mass production, Quantum can put the work right where it needs to be in order to control costs and get the job done right. 

In prototyping, Quantum tracks every piece of work and knows how it was produced.  Quantum's analytics tell you where individual steps of a process or whole parts or assemblies failed to complete in the estimated time, where that happened and why.  It tracks every revision of the work instructions used to get to the final production record and keeps a permanent record of all work done.  

In small run production, Quantum ensures that every work center (machine, area, person) is working to optimum capacity.  In this type of manufacturing, work moves more rapidly not because of the speed of actual production, but because Order quantities are small and work is moving from area to area regularly.  Quantum tracks all of it for you.  When a bottleneck occurs, Quantum solves it for you, telling you where the work needs to go to be more efficient.  

In more consistent production runs, where work may sit in an area for longer periods of time or parts are being made consistently throughout the day, Quantum tracks mid-production rates and issues.  Keep track of time, temperature, quantity, tolerance and other critical build information as parts are moving through a single work center or multiple areas.  Issues with machines in this manufacturing setting are critical to solve, as massive amounts of work back up very quickly.  Quantum controls the work flow and provides the optimum work around to solve the issue at hand and reroute work to save the schedule.  

It's time to permanently eliminate the production errors responsible for defects and bottlenecks with Quantum for Industrial Production. Do the same work with fewer resources than your competition and guarantee every Order will be on time and on budget.


Schedule Control

Guarantee work is completed on-time and on-budget when you direct your entire shop from one screen. Eliminate the paper packets and spreadsheets by controlling production with a click.

Material Control

When you control the movement, location and supply of materials, you control a major cost center of production.  

Absolute Compliance

Whether your work is regulated by your industry or your customers' demands, compliance to the part requirements is absolutely critical to eliminating scrap, turn backs and recalls. 

Industrial Production Solutions

Control Every Piece of Work

Whether you are controlled by your customers' demands or the regulations of your industry, it's not enough to have a dashboard of work or a tabulated schedule.  You need real-time control of your entire Operations.  Digital Production Control ensures you meet your customers' needs, whatever they are, every time.  

Quantum delivers: 

  • Advanced Engineering tools
  • Engineering Change Management
  • Real-Time Work in Progress (WIP) dashboards
  • Non-conformance management
  • Permanent production records
  • Traceability of materials
  • Genealogic control
  • Operator certification
  • Machine certification
  • Schedule compliance
  • Work center compliance
  • Tolerance management and validation
  • Data collection
  • Data control
  • Industry regulation compliance (ISO 9001, AS 9100, etc.)



Industrial Production Impact

Industrial Production manufacturers are faced with demands for increased Quality, control and reporting that get more restrictive every year. Quantum enforces build conformance to execute every Order to the unique specifications required for that Order. Deliver the Engineering agility and shop floor intelligence your customers demand with Quantum.

Quantum Delivers:

  • Increase production throughput
  • Eliminate recalls, returns and turnbacks
  • Deliver ahead of schedule and under budget
  • Serial, Part and Lot Traceability Records


Industrial Manufacturing


Resource Management

What is the true cost of wasted materials for your shop?

If you’re not implementing lean manufacturing in Industrial Production, you’re already falling behind. When margins are tight and space is at a premium you need the solution designed for the complexity of your work.

Run an efficient shop by controlling your assets, scheduling away machine downtime and only ordering the assets/materials required to get the job done.

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"Quantum increased our production by 35% and cut our scrap by about 80% in less than six months."
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"Quantum gives our team a visual into every operation on our floor in real-time. I'm never out of the loop."
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