Day One Data™

The engineering specifications, drawings, work instructions, quality checks and other data points required to start a job are critical to your success. Whether you build similar parts for various customers or engineer every part to custom requirements, your data is what keeps your shop moving.

Shutting down production to migrate your data into a new system is out of the question. That’s why CIMx developed a better way.

CIMx Automated Migration

The CIMx automated migration engine ingests your current production information into Quantum at the push of a button.

Your information needs to be formatted specifically for your team to work as efficiently as possible. That’s why our migration platform builds individual accommodations into each formula. 

With Day One Data™ your team has everything they need to maintain yesterday's production momentum into tomorrow.

For manufacturers with critical data housed in failing systems, data corruption or system failure puts the entire shop at risk. CIMx Database Experts collect, correct and correlate entire databases with our Advanced Engineering Services to save critical historical records before it's too late.


CIMx Software
CIMx Software

CIMx Production Audit

Identify the process gaps, system overlaps and production risks that are costing your team time and money with the CIMx Production Audit.

Before you can find your solution you need to fully understand your problems. Host our Experts on-site or connect with our team online to walk through your everyday processes.

Uncover the causes of your frustrations, eliminate hidden risks and take advantage of opportunities throughout your shop. 

Connect with a CIMx Application Expert to learn more and schedule your risk-free Production Audit today!

CIMx Manufacutring System

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