The Industries We Serve with the Products We Build

    For the last 25 years, CIMx tools have been used to put rockets into space, ships onto the water, vehicles onto land and wire harnesses into everyday products.  We've built carbon composite parts for competitive sport and upscale furniture for office spaces.  We ensure the compliance of critical medical devices used in hospitals and airplane engines into the sky.  Whatever you make, we can help you identify and remove the critical gaps in your production processes.

    Where it All Began

    We started with strict, compliant engineering packets for the Aerospace industry.  Tight coordination with the Manufacturing Engineering team at almost every critical A&D manufacturer in the Fortune 50 helped us build a complete Production Control tool set the analysts called "the tightest revision control on the market."  

    Whether you need AS9100-compliant records of manufacturing or you need to price your complex building process as a Tier 1 or 2 supplier to the industry, we can help.  

    Rapid Compliance

    As the FDA began to tighten its compliance controls, we built the tool set to meet those strict demands.  For manufacturers who need 21 CFR part 11 compliance, we deliver finished job packets with traceability to every part, material, process and person.  When new labeling laws were passed, we introduced labeling at the touch of a button.  

    Whether you need compliant build records or the system to ensure your shop floor collects every bit of data required for that compliance, we can help.

    Materials Compliance

    Composites manufacturing is still more art than science as shops struggle with non-conforming materials and parts.  Tracking individual material usage and traceability of the material to the completed build is essential.  As the only Manufacturing Execution platform with materials compliance, traceability and usage built right in, we are a standard tool for manufacturers in the industry. 

    Whether you need to know what you're building, how you built it or what materials you used, we can help.  

    An Industry of Price

    Wire harness manufacturers require robust Engineering controls for their prototyping areas.  They often struggle to win the follow-on work, which is given to the low-cost bid.  We developed a pricing tool that tells you exactly how much every step in your process should cost; in manufacturing, we tell you how much it actually did.  Labeling is as critical here as in the medical device industry and we have the tools for that too.  

    For both the original build work and follow-on production, we have the tools you need for the work you do.  

    Track and Report

    Process manufacturing requires a close eye on work in progress.  It also requires a system that reports when a run will complete - on-time, on-budget or not.  When the process is a few steps longer in length, it is easier to track; when your process involves a series of steps or runs over the course of several shifts, the process becomes both more difficult and urgent.  

    We have the tools to tell you what you're making, how you're doing and when you'll be done.  Control the work, your costs and the compliance of your finished product to the strict standards you have to meet.  


    From jobs of 1 piece to 10,000

    Whether you build one of something or 10,000 a day, we have the tool set you need to track every step in your production process from design to delivery.  Get the tools you need at a price you can afford.  We are the only flat-fee Production Control tool on the market.
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