Design production with production design.

Demand the information you need to make money in manufacturing with the world's only flat-fee production system.  

From a complete engineering design to a simple shop floor routing, only CIMx can make sure you make money.

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It's all about design.

A good product starts with the right design, whether you do the engineering yourself or use your customers' drawings.  

Push past a job packet to a complete plan for production.  Give your team every bit of information they need to make your product correctly, on-time and on-budget.

Run production as if an engineer were working with  each of your Operators every step of the way. 

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Engineering Control

Every manufacturer needs a strong Engineering plan.  You and your shop need to know what you're making, how you're going to do it and when you'll be done.  

Whether that's a simple routing list or a very specific set of instructions, Quantum organizes it.


Order Control

Each piece of work you do starts with a customer Order.  Answer any and every question with complete confidence with a complete plan for production.  

Push past a job packet.  Give your team every bit of information they need to make each Order correctly, on-time and on-budget.


Production Control

One you have an Order and a plan for the work, you are ready.  We make sure you are ready, that every work center is up and running and your schedule can move ahead.   

Know where every single piece of work and person is in production and you know that you will finish on-time, on-target, on-budget.