Digital Manufacturing

Human error is the leading cause of bottlenecks. Eliminate the risks of manual data entry, outdated work instructions and communication silos by connecting your shop floor with the most powerful manufacturing system in manufacturing.

Eliminate the manual errors from production that cost you time and money today.

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Complete Visibility

Track the progress of every job released to your shop floor from a single screen. Correct quality issues in an instant and command production with a click.

Data Control

Guarantee conformance by mandating essential data collections. Leave the frustrations of lost records and skipped steps in the past with a digital shop floor.

Instant Communication

Identify problems and send solutions directly to your shop floor team. Save time and prevent errors caused by last-minute changes with direct messaging.

"Converting Scrap into Revenue"

Case Study Spotlight

This prototyping manufacturer generated scrap at an alarming rate and leadership lacked the real-time visibility of production to understand why.

Records were entered manually into a failing Access database which took weeks to input and was completely unproductive time. Wasted time and resources on their shop floor compounded month-over-month. 

Within a week of launching CIMx’ Quantum production platform, this shop standardized and automated production control across all lines. Instant access to clear production results gave management the chance to correct repetitive issues and eliminate scrap before it started.

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Report, Record and React

Today's customers expect complete Order traceability and Engineering accuracy on every job. Your management team needs the right data to keep bids competitive and production efficient. Quantum solves both needs with a modern platform designed to maintain compliance, support Lean manufacturing and increase profitability while eliminating waste.

Quantum Includes:

  • Six Sigma Support
  • Data Collection
  • Enterprise Visibility
  • and more...
Paperless Manufacturing

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    Paperless Features

    Deliver end-to-end control from Engineering through Delivery as part of standard product. Provide your team the tools they need to build it right, ahead of schedule and under budget, with Quantum.

    CIMx Solutions
    • Capture KPI progress with select, pre-formatted charts

    • Resolve non-conformances after instantaneous notice

    • Drill down to the shop floor to analyze/resolve issues

    • Automatically create dispositions for Quality issues

    • Maintain a database of all tools and materials used

    • Track assets with reusable or consumable designations

    • Save time by utilizing various asset tag search filters

    • Capture and manage reorder quantity needs

    • Remain compliant with calibrated tooling reporting

    • Manage serialized parts to be consumed in production
    • Eliminate guesswork with lot inventory management

    • Remain compliant with gage calibration dates/validation

    • Schedule equipment maintenance with record keeping

    • Receive alerts for scheduled equipment maintenance

    • Process results of who did what, when and for how long

    • Save as-built records for continuous improvement plans

    • Optimize production with shop floor productivity report

    • Summarize as-built data with custom reports 

    • Utilize select screens on approved mobile devices

    • Explore Quantum's full functionality...

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    "Quantum increased our production by 35% and cut our scrap by about 80% in less than six months."
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    "Quantum gives our team a visual into every operation on our floor in real-time. I'm never out of the loop."
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    "We chose to partner with CIMx again because we know they can take our company to the next level."
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