Picking processes require the right inventory.  Quantum sorts it all out for you.

Ship with confidence.

Do you know how much finished goods inventory you have right now?  Many manufacturers tell us it takes a day or more to true up inventory in the ERP once orders have been completed and shipped.  If you're keeping things tight like many people today, you don't have the luxury of not knowing what you can ship today or promise for next week.  Let Quantum close the gap for you.

True Inventory Control


Know what you have.

You can't wait until the end of the shift, day or week if you're trying to stay competitive.  Your sales and fulfillment teams must know quantities on hand right now.



Know where it is.

Inventory control must include location to be valuable.  Otherwise, you're sending people off to search and rescue.



Know how to ship it.

If you need to provide instructions to your team on how to package different products, Quantum can serve them the proper ones automatically.  



Connect your shipping program.

For those customers who have a shipping program, Quantum lets your own system give the instructions, working behind the scenes to keep inventory accurate to the minute.



Promise ship dates.

Quantum will schedule all work for you automatically.  From the minute a customer places an order until the time it gets on a truck, know where it is and when you can promise it will ship.



Deliver on time.

Never miss a ship date again.  Let your customers know proactively if something is delayed and the new promise date without guessing.  Data is everything.


We built CIMx to change how manufacturing was done.

We put computers on the manufacturing shop floor in 1996 to move goods more rapidly and accurately through the process.  It was absolutely revolutionary at the time. 

We haven't stopped evolving and neither should you.  We deliver more rapidly than anyone without costing you a fortune.  The worst thing you can do is decide to continue what you're doing today and expect different results.