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Eliminate mistakes by guaranteeing the right engineering is delivered to the right people at exactly the right time. Standardize your packets and reduce expensive engineering hours with Quantum’s master templates.

It all starts in Engineering. Set your Operators up for success on every build.

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Plan to Perfection

Guarantee the right person has the right plans at precisely the right moment for every order released to your shop floor. Eliminate the common mistakes caused by manual data entry and Operator error with clear step-by-step instructions.

Control Revisions

Never waste time or resources building to outdated requirements again. Quantum’s lock-tight revision control automatically logs and signals every Operator on a job when a change has been made to their plan.

Agile Scheduling

Maximize work center capacity and eliminate machine downtime by controlling your workflow with fully synchronized scheduling. Guarantee delivery dates by prioritizing work and tracking the progress of every job.

"Grow by 15% Every Year"

Case Study Spotlight

An east-coast manufacturer struggled to communicate work with its west-coast facilities 3,000 miles away. The information gap created delays, rejections of completed parts and an inability to keep up with the constant demands of change orders. They needed a system to control their workflow and connect their plants.

CIMx’ Quantum production platform gave their team control over engineering, coordinated communication throughout production and synchronous reporting from coast-to-coast.

This team’s leadership has eliminated 95% of the paper packets on the shop floor and continues to grow by 15% every year.

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Demand Engineering Excellence

Standardize Engineering processes and proactively map rerouting with Quantum. Deliver clear plans to your Operators, control documentation and manage Change Orders all from one complete system. CIMx's 20+ years of high-compliance engineering software experience is at the heart of Quantum, providing your company a competitive advantage on every plan.

Quantum Includes:

  • Engineering Tools
  • Revision Control
  • Document Management
  • and more...

Production Planning Center

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Engineering Features

Deliver end-to-end control from Engineering through Delivery as part of standard product. Provide your team the tools they need to build it right, ahead of schedule and under budget, with Quantum.

  • Eliminate errors with comprehensive build books

  • Increase Quality with multimedia work instructions

  • Capture tribal knowledge with in-plan digital notepads

  • Provide important information with external web links

  • Track and enforce Quality with in-plan data collections

  • Capture unique data with fixed field data collections

  • Control resources by adding tooling, materials and parts

  • Estimate time/cost with setup, labor and materials data

  • Save time with automatic MBOM compilation

  • Communicate clearly with special instruction highlights

  • Stay on schedule with estimated vs actual build time

  • Save time and reduce errors by archiving Master plans

  • Remain compliant with sequential approvals

  • Eliminate confusion with protected plan revision control

  • Create a library of best practices with select Master plans

  • Continue to print plans for non-digital work centers

  • Keep your Operators in the loop with shared change logs
  • Maintain plan control with read-only protected files

  • Control flow of Orders from ERP/MRP to your shop floor

  • Communicate goals with detailed Work Orders

  • Release top priority work to all stations to deliver on time

  • Control rerouting on non-sequential or batch operations

  • Find and add assets with easy-to-use search filters

  • Optimize workflows with drag-and-drop tools

  • Manage Orders with printable or digital travelers

  • Keep production on schedule with resequence/rerouting

  • Analyze results from each completed operation

  • Adjust to customer needs with quantity updates

  • Control parallel Work Orders at multiple work stations

  • Track and manage every issued Hold

  • Provide guidance with printable pick lists

  • Create and manage Engineering Change Orders (ECOs)

  • Connect the shop with alerts to one or all work centers

  • Explore Quantum's full functionality...

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"Quantum increased our production by 35% and cut our scrap by about 80% in less than six months."
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"Quantum gives our team a visual into every operation on our floor in real-time. I'm never out of the loop."
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