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Quantum Pricing

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A flat-fee makes it affordable 

We have moved to a flat-fee model, priced right for small to mid-market manufacturers.  Quantum increases your productivity and the price helps you retain more profit.  Whether you are a 15-person shop or a 1,500 person enterprise, Quantum provides the critical information you need for rapid decision-making. 

Quantum is built for manufacturers that need the power of production information at their fingertips.  Know what you're making, where it is in process and whether or not you'll ship on time.  Scheduling provides an additional layer of information.  Apply resources to the most important jobs for maximum efficiency and profit or let Quantum do it for you. Analytics helps you predict financial performance based on current production performance.  See past current trends at the touch of a button.  


first 30 users


per year

Scheduling Package

site fee


per year

Adds another layer of scheduling control.  Apply resources to the most important jobs.  

Analytics Package

site fee


per year

Deep analytics of your production environment.  Identify trends and improve your margins. 



Delivery includes everything from installation and set up to preloading your users, work centers, non-conforming messages and codes and all the customized choices you made for Quantum in your environment.  

Complete Production Control personalized for your team.



We begin with classes all about you and what you need, the problems you're solving and the content you're focused on.  Over about 10 sessions, we will cover everything you need to get started quickly with Quantum.  Need refresher training?  Just ask - it's included in your annual fee.  


We include 11 customized consultation sessions with your purchase and each year with the renewal of your annual contract.  Each hour is dedicated to one or more of your workflows to show you exactly how best to use Quantum in your environment. Host them once or twice per week or schedule them out over 6 months.  Customized application sessions just for you.  


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