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The confidence to make critical production decisions

Quantum Pricing

with the power of Quantum's Production Control.

Flat-fee pricing lowers project risk 

CIMx introduces flat fee pricing for both our products and our services. Quantum increases your productivity and our predictable product and project pricing helps you retain more profit. Whether you are a 15-person shop or a 1,500 person enterprise, Quantum provides the critical information you need for rapid decision-making. 

Quantum is built for manufacturers that need the power of Production Control at their fingertips. Know what you're making, where it is in process and whether or not you'll ship on time. Scheduling provides an additional layer of information. Apply resources to the most important jobs for maximum efficiency and profit or let Quantum do it for you. Analytics helps you predict financial performance based on current production performance. See beyond current trends at the touch of a button.  

Quantum provides the power of an enterprise MES at a fraction of the cost and time investment.  We can prove it. 


Complete Production Control does not have to be expensive or time-consuming


Getting the digital tool you need to improve accuracy, efficiency, and capacity in your shop is not out of reach. It really isn't. 

Let's talk about the problems you are trying to solve on your shop floor. Show you how Quantum can help solve them and develop a plan of action. And, of course, provide you with our flat-fee pricing.   



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