When you don't know how you're doing in manufacturing - really how you're doing - you can't improve.  From simple process analysis to in-depth, step-by-step review, we have the tools and the technology to help.


We provide insights to gaps you can close with the resources you have.

Whether your shop runs on paper or uses a database tool in manufacturing, we provide the critical insights you need to move forward.  Our Process Gap Analysis starts with interviews with your key team members.  We are a process-driven organization and can uncover the what behind the why.  We want to identify why you are having the problems you see.


What makes us qualified to do this work?  

We have 25 years of service in the most regulated industries in the world.  Working with customers in Aerospace, Defense, Medical Device and Composite Manufacturing, we developed the systems and processes to analyze where their manufacturing processes were failing, where there were gaps in their work.  

With decades of experience on their shop floors, we are uniquely qualified to help identify the critical areas of risk with compliance to your processes, regulations and requirements.  

Continuous Improvement with CIMx


Why do we do this work? 

Process gap analysis work takes time and a keen eye for attention.  One of our company Core Values is "We are born problem solvers." 

Quite simply, we've never met a problem we didn't want to explore.  That natural curiosity means we hire individuals that are uniquely positioned to pay attention and, with 25 years' experience in manufacturing, we have the right tools for them to do the work.

Process Compliance with CIMx


How do we do the work?

We will take you on a methodical walk through your design and manufacturing practices.  We compare your processes, from design all the way through production quality to industry best practices.  

Each step along the way, we are measuring against standard work and identifying gaps.  You receive a value of measure against the standard and one or more ways to close the critical gaps we identify. 

Quality Assurance with CIMx


What is the deliverable? 

We build a 4-6 page document outlining your specific gaps and the suggestions we have to close them.  We prioritize the work for you so you can attack your most critical issues first, with a specific eye towards the gaps that provide the largest ROI (return).  

We do a deep-dive into the information with you and give you access to experts in the areas of most need.  We also provide follow-on assistance and we'll even check up on you periodically to see how you're doing.  

Customer Service with CIMx

Want more information?

Connect with us today to learn how you can start making improvements rapidly, cost-effectively and by using resources you already have. 

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We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service on the planet. 

We believe it separates great companies from everyone else.  And you can't run your shop with just anyone.


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