Manufacturers with longer processes need the right information at the right time.  Quantum distributes it for you.

Process with control.

Process control is more than automation or machine connectivity.  It starts with knowing what needs to be done and then making sure it's done correctly.  Especially in the medical, aerospace, composite and other controlled industries, knowledge of the process and proof that you had the right one are critical to passing audits. Let Quantum do it all for you.

True Process Control

Know what to do.

Process control begins with the right plan - written down, dated and approved if you require that.  Only then can you begin to trust that the work you need to have done is getting done right.

Know how to do it.

Ensure that every step in your process is done by a credited employee with the right directions.  Provide them step-by-step instructions or just an overview.  Allow them to ask questions from their workstations and trouble-shoot problems mid-production to avoid scrapping the lot. 

Keep track of it.

Process control goes beyond instructions to the operator.  You need an automated and consistent feedback loop of information for the real work they're doing to make sure it is done right.

We built CIMx to change how manufacturing was done.

We put computers on the manufacturing shop floor in 1996 to move goods more rapidly and accurately through the process.  It was absolutely revolutionary at the time. 

We haven't stopped evolving and neither should you.  We deliver more rapidly than anyone without costing you a fortune.  The worst thing you can do is decide to continue what you're doing today and expect different results.