Do you know what's going on right now on your shop floor?  Quantum can tell you.

Production with control.

Production control is not about controlling everything that happens.  It's about the proper flow of information to free you to do the work you need at the right time and place.  Whether you have one plant of 25 people to manage or multiple locations with integrated work patterns, Quantum gives you the complete toolset you need to be able to plan, schedule, manage and troubleshoot it all from your desktop.

True Production Control

Schedule the work.

Production control begins with knowing what work you have and what state it's in currently.  Quantum has all the information you need.  Right now, from wherever you are. 

Solve issues.

Manufacturing never goes completely as planned.  Be ready with the right tools to get rid of any issues rapidly and archive all the steps you took for historical records.

Learn to do better.

Once you have solved a problem, you don't want to struggle with it again.  Solve problems in inventory, work, design and other key areas for good with Quantum so you can move on to better.

We built CIMx to change how manufacturing was done.

We put computers on the manufacturing shop floor in 1996 to move goods more rapidly and accurately through the process.  It was absolutely revolutionary at the time. 

We haven't stopped evolving and neither should you.  We deliver more rapidly than anyone without costing you a fortune.  The worst thing you can do is decide to continue what you're doing today and expect different results.