Identify Risks. Embrace Opportunities.

Find the solution to your shop's needs by identifying the risks and opportunities throughout production in a Production Audit by CIMx.  With 25 years of service to the most regulated industries on earth, we have more experience than any other company in our space and we are uniquely positioned to help you identify the critical areas of compliance risk.

Map out the areas of greatest impact for your production team. Receive a customized, step-by-step approach to higher profitability, greater impact and efficiency.  

We will:

Organize and establish the critical areas of production.

  • Create a high-level workflow.
  • Compare production speed in various areas.
  • Identify top money-making and money-taking production processes.
  • Find critical areas of improvement.

Review best industry practices for these production areas.

  • Review industry-specific practices for production.
  • Identify key differentiators for your production.
  • Create prioritized list of improvements.
  • Craft specific year-end initiatives for your production.
  • Label key metrics for improvement initiatives.

During a Production Audit, we will be looking through the practices that you use for production and comparing them to industry-standards and best-practices.  Our team of experienced engineers knows what shop-floor production processes should look like and can identify the most critical areas of improvement.

Whether these are things that you already know and need outside confirmation of or items that you haven’t considered because you don’t see the whole picture when you’re embedded in it, we will take you step-by-step through the process.

We start with a series of critical phone calls.  Each call builds on the prior information; these calls are crafted specifically around your processes, concerns and issues.  Production Audits are never a one-size-fits-all, enabling us to find those tricky issues that may hide from other consultants you have used.

We have an eye towards reusability of processes and use of current resources.  What are the most broken parts of your Profitability Chain™ and how can you bridge those gaps.

Most importantly, CIMx believes in rapid delivery.  We built our processes to deliver maximum value to you as rapidly as possible, while being as thorough as you require.  Need more information?  Call us today and ask us for a Production Audit overview.


  • Identify Process Gaps

  • Uncover Risks

  • Boost Profitability

  • Increase Efficiency

Define Process Gaps

Complete work faster and at higher quality when you identify and eliminate the gaps that negatively impact production.

  • Evaluate standard workflow
  • Find communication gaps
  • Pinpoint process breakdowns


Strategize Success

Work with an Expert to determine the next steps for achieving your team’s targets.

  • Map out a timeline for success
  • Set short/long term goals
  • Identify best path forward


Secure Processes

Guarantee your data is secure by identifying failing legacy systems and unsafe processes used throughout production.

  • Identify system overlap
  • Locate failing hardware
  • Pinpoint data gaps


Highlight Risk

Focus in on the areas of your shop most likely to generate errors, create bottlenecks and slow production.

  • Identify low success operations
  • Plan continuous improvements
  • Highlight redundancies


Receive Insider Tips

Find out how the rest of the market handles the same hurdles your team faces on a daily basis.

  • Receive industry expert tips
  • Identify standard processes
  • Share upcoming trends


Calculate ROI Points

Identify the opportunities your shop has in place for increased profit and reduced waste.

  • Set budget for achieving goals
  • Establish timeline of needs 
  • Determine path to profitability


Understand your workflow like never before and uncover opportunities from Engineering through Execution. Experience the benefits real-time control delivers to your shop first hand.

Connect with a CIMx Application Expert to learn more about Quantum and schedule your risk-free Production Audit today!

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The First Step to Success

Identify the process gaps and production risks that are costing your team time and money with CIMx' Production Audit.  Whether on-site or online, we uncover hidden risks and gaps that will drive profit and productivity down.  Ask us how to get complete Production Control today.

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