Whatever tools you have, whatever industry you're in, we provide quick insights to gaps in your processes that you can close quickly, cost-effectively and using the resources you have. 

We have 25 years of service in the most heavily regulated industries in the world: Aerospace, Defense, Medical Device and Composites.  With decades of experience on their shop floors, we are uniquely qualified to help identify the critical areas of risk with compliance to your processes, regulations and requirements.  

We have made it our mission to bring the Production Control tools that were previously only affordable to the larges companies in the world to small and middle-market manufacturers. We believe every manufacturer deserves both the agility and Production Control that their customers demand regardless of size or revenue stream.

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Production Audit or Review?

During a Production Audit, we assess your production practices against industry standards and best practices.  Our Engineers know what shop floor production processes should look like and can identify the most critical areas of improvement for your shop.

Whether these are things that you already know or items you haven’t considered , we will take you step-by-step through the discovery process, identifying the breadth, impact and resolution of these key issues.

A Production Review is for companies that require a quick test of their Production processes.  Often, companies ask us to complete this work as a start to a complete Production Audit. 

Establish Your Key Production Areas

We start a Production Audit by identifying your key areas of Production.  There are 5 areas we're most worried about and, to manufacture profitably, you should be well-managed in all 5.  How do you think you're doing?


Discovery Call

Identify Industry Best Practices

Once we know how you're doing in the 5 key areas of Production, we'll compare you to the best practices across those 5.  The resulting risk level gives you insight into how to tighten processes and your bottom line.


Process Call

Report Out Results with Action Items

We will deliver you a personalized report with specific and measurable actions that you can take today with the tools you have currently as well as products and tools that you can invest in for growth.


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