Unlock production efficiency using data 

Manufacturing is the production of goods, but that can’t happen without information. You need to know how to make the goods you are producing. What materials will be used? What tools are necessary, and how will the tools be operated to get the results you need? Do you have an accurate record of the production process to replicate successful results? Can you provide your team what they need for continuous improvement?

In the Kaizen methodology, you need to Plan, Do, Check, and Act. Every step is based on data and information – recording your plan, communicating the plan, evaluating the results, then adjusting the plan based on the evaluation. Data and information is at the core of successful manufacturing, but without the proper systems, then using data to manage, optimize, and continuously improve product is difficult, if not impossible. Trying to make broken systems work, or leveraging existing systems in ways they weren’t designed to work, is costly and will ultimately create more problems than they solve.

Control and use your production data

Continuous improvement and efficient manufacturing requires efficient management and control of data and information. By improving how you leverage and use data across the manufacturing cycle, you can boost efficiency. That directly improves total output while reducing downtime and waste.

With Quantum, you work from a system designed to manage production information. Centralize the manufacturing process, linking all facets of production in Quantum. Create and update planning with revision control, while having past planning archived and available if you need it. Send change orders to the shop floor quickly and accurately, eliminate error prone paper records, and secure and protect old and faulty databases and production records. Deliver more accurate estimates by accessing accurate production information. That’s the power of Quantum.

Here’s how Quantum can solve your problems:

I’m struggling to use my ERP to manage production

The ERP was designed to manage business information, not the specialized data and processes required for production. Quantum was designed for manufacturing, creating efficiencies while helping facilitate the production process.


See How an ERP Creates Production Inefficiencies

Too many of my documents are still stored on paper

Paper is error prone, inefficient, and the root cause of many challenges facing manufacturers. By digitizing information in Quantum, you put accurate and relevant information at your fingertips when and where you need it.

See How You Can Remove Paper from Production

My planning and records are kept in an old and error-prone database

Your production data is only valuable when you can access and use it. Planning and data on an old or faulty database is creating risk and inefficiencies. With Quantum you can safely and securely pull data, like planning and records, from at-risk databases to better utilize it in production.

Want to Increase Efficiency and Rescue an Old Database?

We struggle to update work instructions with change orders

Quantum closes the loop on your work instructions. The system offers complete revision control, so your team only accesses the most recent, correct planning. Any changes can be pushed instantly to the shop floor, and employees are notified when a change has been made.

Unlock Proactive Production Management with Quantum

I work in a regulated industry that requires compliance reports and production records

With built-in compliance reports, even for specialized industries like Aerospace, Medical Device, and Composites, Quantum can handle it. Complete production records are assembled and archived automatically and are available at the press of a button.

Check Out Quantum Reporting and Dashboards

We see variability in production, especially with product updates

With Quantum, you have access to not only the raw production data, but also the process connections behind the data. You can see where and how processes broke down to quickly identify possible solutions. Continuous improvement is possible with Quantum providing a framework.

Take a Look at Automation and Error Prevention in Quantum

Returns are costly and repairs are labor intensive

Utilize product serialization in Quantum to quickly correct a return or repair. Access past production records to identify the root cause of the problem for continuous improvement. Set up pre-approved planning for repairs.

See How Quantum Makes it Easy to Access and Use Your Most Critical Data

Training new workers is expensive and difficult

With your planning in Quantum, your workers have access to everything they need to complete work quickly, efficiently, and accurately. Videos, documentation, and more can be accessed from the shop floor. Process enforcement and sign-offs support training and eliminate many errors common for new employees.

Want Process Control that Works? Quantum Can Do That - See How

My estimates cost too much and are still inaccurate

Eliminate rework by accessing past relevant projects. Close the loop on cost analysis through complete production records.

See How You Can Schedule and Ship with Confidence Using Quantum

Quantum is Built for Modern Manufacturing

Quantum solves the problems facing manufacturers, no matter the size of the facility or the industry. No one should be without the tools they need to succeed.

With Quantum, you can eliminate the guesswork and confusion from your operations. Quickly access and use critical production data for better decision-making and sustainable efficiency improvement. Rather than buying software, you’re buying manufacturing solutions.

Here's what Manufacturers say about Quantum:

"We're shipping over 25% more orders on time with Quantum and the same staff."
"We're running 400 orders a week and Quantum tracks every order through every process step helping us to continually ship on time."
"I'm avoiding many emergencies across production with Quantum workflow data."
"I can shift work around from my desk to avoid problems and roadblocks."

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