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Managing Data

Production Control for access to all your data


You need to know how you're team's doing throughout the day.  You can't wait until the end of the shift for that information.  You need access to current work-in-process (WIP), inventory levels and resource availability.  

Quantum gives you real-time access to your Production Operations.  That includes your team, your schedule and all your data. It has all the information you need to manage the work, get it done on-time, and use your resources most efficiently.  It gives you immediate access to all work that is planned, in-process and complete.  See what you need to do and what's been done.  Know that you can meet your company's and your customer's expectations. 

Quantum fills the gaps in your production data. 


It's hard to know how you're performing before the end of the shift, month or quarter and there's little you can do about it if you don't have access, management and control of all the data that is critical to both your processes and your products.  Are you performing better or worse than yesterday?  Will you have enough materials and people for the work you have to do this week? Is your team ahead, behind or on-task for their work?  Give yourself the data you need. 

Quantum distributes, collects and manages all of your production information.  It gives you access to planned, current and historical work.  Identify how your team is performing every day. Align your production planning with your processes and your resources; adjust it daily as things change or let Quantum handle it for you. Automate work to focus on the highest priority and highest profit jobs.  Gain agility in your processes and deal with the everyday issues of manufacturing.

That’s the power of Quantum.

Quantum gives you access to all your data, real-time. 

Why can't you get the information you need from your ERP?

Your ERP was designed to manage business information, not the specialized data and processes required for production. Quantum was designed for manufacturing, creating efficiencies while helping facilitate the production process.

Are you still using paper documents to run production?

Quantum digitizes information placing accurate and relevant information at your fingertips when and where you need it. Paper is error-prone, inefficient, and the root cause of many challenges facing manufacturers.

Why use old and error-prone databases for your critical planning and records?

Quantum can safely and securely pull data, like planning and records, from at-risk databases to better utilize it in production. You will be able to access and use it and alleviate the risk and inefficiencies of an old, faulty or failing database.


Quantum is built for manufacturers that need to increase visibility into their production processes and performance.  Start with production planning and move into full production scheduling.  Give your team the information they need so you get the production control and visibility you need.  Eliminate waste, increase efficiency and make it sustainable. 

How easily are you able to update work instructions with change orders?

Quantum closes the loop on your work instructions. The system offers complete revision control, so your team only accesses the most recent, correct planning. Any changes can be pushed instantly to the shop floor, and employees are notified when a change has been made.

Do you want to minimize costly returns and repairs?

Quantum includes product serialization that can be utilized to quickly correct a return or repair. Access past production records to identify the root cause of the problem for continuous improvement. Set up pre-approved planning for repairs.

Is training your production team expensive and difficult?

Quantum makes training quicker and easier. With your planning in Quantum, your workers have access to everything they need to complete work quickly, efficiently, and accurately. Videos, documentation, and more can be accessed from the shop floor. Process enforcement and sign-offs support training and eliminate many errors common for new employees.

"CIMx is very responsive and is one of the best software companies we work with."
"We have seen similar initiatives that have not produced anywhere near the positive results that we've achieved with CIMx."
"We have access to everything we need with Quantum. If we have a question, we can find the data in Quantum."