You need consistency in your processes to know your product is right.  You need to know you have enough inventory to fulfill an order - for production or for picking.  You need the right tools for the job and they need to be calibrated for use.  

Quantum gives you immediate access to all work that is planned, in-process and complete.  See what you need to do and what's been done.  Know that you can meet your company's and your customer's expectations. 

Quantum gives you access to all your data, real-time. 


You need access, management and control of all of the data that is critical to your processes and your products. You need information across your manufacturing cycle to improve total output while reducing downtime and waste.

Quantum distributes, collects and manages all of your production information.  It gives you access to planned, current and historical work.  Quantum alerts you when things are going wrong, gives you immediate paths for correction and captures everything in the permanent record.  Gain agility in your processes and deal with the everyday issues of manufacturing.

That's the power of Quantum. 

"CIMx is very responsive and is one of the best software companies we work with."
"We have seen similar initiatives that have not produced anywhere near the positive results that we've achieved with CIMx."
"We have access to everything we need with Quantum. If we have a question, we can find the data in Quantum."

Get Quantum. Get Control.

Maximize, accuracy and efficiency with real-time, fully accessible production data.

Accurate and analyzed information is just a click (or touch) away. 

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