From rapid design to database rescue, we close the critical gaps in your manufacturing.

Products We Build for the Industries We Serve

For the last 25 years, CIMx has worked with manufacturers from the Fortune 50 to smaller job shops, giving them the critical insights they require to be both more productive and more profitable.  Whether you put rockets into space or have batch product runs of smaller parts and products, we can help.  Reach out and ask us today how we can help you close the critical gaps in your manufacturing with our complete Production Control tools.



A complete Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for rapid installation.

MES for Your Manufacturing - Every shop we enter has a way to move work around the shop. Many use a simple routing from their ERP; some have a more detailed job packet. Whatever you use, it's likely you have gaps in the processes that you use. Close those critical gaps with a design to delivery, end-to-end set of tools for complete Production Control. Run your shop Operations. Build a production schedule that automatically prioritizes your current work, no matter the circumstances. Get the Business Analytics you need at the touch of a button with Quantum.


Process Gap Analysis


Every manufacturer we meet undergoes audits of some kind, whether through internal review or industry-standard AS9100, 21 CFR Part 11, ISO 9001 or even audits for Good Manufacturing Practices. No matter what you make or how you make it, you need to ensure that your team is making it right in order to be both compliant and profitable.

Ask us how we can help.


Paper and Database Rescue

Eliminate paper and old databases to preserve your critical information

Every manufacturer we visit has tons of data in their shop; most of it is in countless spreadsheets or paper packets shoved in drawers. Some have scanned and saved these to the network for "paper on glass" reporting. None of it is searchable. None of it is helpful. We have been database experts since the very beginning, as the true power of a system to run manufacturing lies in the ability to connect the data from various areas of the shop. We have tools to move your data into usable, searchable, archivable, restorable information.