Address the Root Cause of Quality Issues

After digging into the data, many manufacturers are shocked at the cost of poor quality. Beyond a high defect or return rate, even a single quality escape can mean rework, lost time and materials, a late shipment, frustration on the project team, angry customers, debilitating recalls, and additional opportunities for errors and mistakes.

A single mishap could lead to a cascade of problems that put efficiency, customer loyalty, and profit at risk. Frequently, the cost of addressing quality issues is much higher than expected because your team simply doesn’t have the data, production control, and tools they need. Quit fighting a losing battle against quality management, make sustainable improvements, and take control of production with Quantum.

A Solution for Quality Escapes

Everything you need to improve quality efficiently is built into Quantum. Collect data and analytics to identify the root cause of errors. Access compliance reports instantly. Manage inventory and machine maintenance schedules to optimize efficiency. Review historical data and trends to reveal recurring problems, then provide instant workarounds to avoid delays or production pileups.

When a problem happens, you’re on top of it. Access live production records, then implement a resolution with pre-approved work paths, automatic work reviews, and signature checks if you need them. Capture all the work, rework, and results automatically in production records and system archives. Quantum gives you everything you need to take control of quality management. Even as production scales, implement sustainable improvements that put you in control of the quality of the products you make.

Here’s how Quantum can solve your problems:

My defect and return rates are continuing to rise

Identify the root cause of the issues with in-process quality checks. Process enforcement, quality buyoffs, and signature checks identify where the problems are occurring. Once you know the cause, process control implements your solution.


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Quality issues are causing late shipments and order delays

Dynamic scheduling allows you to instantly reroute work even if you’re not on the shop floor. Balance workload with confidence, with an automatic warning if the change you are making will cause a late order or other issues down the line.


Want an Inside Look at the Dynamic Scheduler?

We see significant variations in the final product's appearance or performance

Variations happen when your team is missing information, or they’re forced to rely on experience with past orders. Process manufacturing in Quantum details and manages work for even the most complex orders and provides all the timely information employees need.


Discover the Latest Tools for Preventing Errors and Improving Quality

We see a lot of scrap, and it's hurting our profit

Resolve problems instantly on the shop floor. Quantum automatically flags an error during a quality check, stopping work until a resolution is determined and preventing downstream problems.


See How Production Management  Works in Quantum

My quality team is stretched too thin

With Quantum, the quality team can access production records and quality checks from anywhere. Problems are automatically flagged, and the quality team alerted. Pre-built workarounds and resolutions let you implement solutions in an instant.


Learn More About Real-Time Project Visibility

I work in a regulated industry that requires compliance reports and production records

Quantum offers built-in compliance reports, even for specialized industries like Aerospace, Medical Device, and Composites. Complete production records are assembled and archived automatically and are available at the press of a button.


Check Out Quantum Reporting and Dashboards

I cannot calculate my Cost of Quality (COQ)

End-to-end reports in Quantum link every phase of production. Connect the time wasted to resolve production issues, to the cost in time and materials, to the returned orders and scrap. Finally get a complete picture of your production costs.



See How Quantum Makes it Easy to Access and Use Your Most Critical Data

Quantum is Built for Modern Manufacturing

Quantum solves the problems facing manufacturers, no matter the size of the facility or the industry. No one should be without the tools they need to succeed.

With Quantum, it’s easy to eliminate the guesswork and confusion from your quality control efforts. Real-time information is just a click away. Rather than buying software, you’re buying manufacturing solutions.

Here's what Manufacturers say about Quantum:

"We're shipping over 25% more orders on time with Quantum and the same staff."
"We're running 400 orders a week and Quantum tracks every order through every process step, helping us to continually ship on time."
"I'm avoiding many emergencies across production with Quantum workflow data."
"I can shift work around from my desk to avoid problems and roadblocks."

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