How do you know if you can take on new work or make promises to customers?  Quantum does it for you.

Simulation with confidence.

Every customer wants to know when they can expect your product to arrive.  Whether the long pole for you is getting production done or picking, packing and shipping it, you can plan the work with confidence.  Quantum lays it all out for you and knows when the work will be complete - today, tomorrow and into the future. 

True Simulation of Work

Promise a delivery.

Make a promised delivery date to your customers with the confidence that you have the materials, the time, and the people to get it done on-time.  

Track your promised dates.

Quantum puts everything into the right sequence for you to meet all your promised dates.  It even lets you know proactively when something will be late based on your current workflow.

Make your promised dates.

Quantum provides you tools to adjust priorities if something gets behind.  On a day where things are going wrong, use Quantum to get them back in line.

We built CIMx to change how manufacturing was done.

We put computers on the manufacturing shop floor in 1996 to move goods more rapidly and accurately through the process.  It was absolutely revolutionary at the time. 

We haven't stopped evolving and neither should you.  We deliver more rapidly than anyone without costing you a fortune.  The worst thing you can do is decide to continue what you're doing today and expect different results.