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The Complete Manufacturing Solution

Control the chaos of manufacturing with master plan templates, quality enforcement and total production command from a single screen.

Quantum’s impact has been proven by shops at every level of the supply chain to stimulate growth and eliminate the everyday errors that hinder production.

Permanent Error Elimination • Complete Production Control • Day One Impact


Be the Standard

Every successful job begins with the perfect plan. Quantum eliminates mistakes by guaranteeing the right engineering is delivered to the right people at exactly the right time.

Plan to Perfection • Control Revisions • Agile Scheduling


Time is Money

Your timeline should never threaten your bottom line. The right scheduler eliminates machine downtime, accelerates production and increases profit on every build. Quantum turns your schedule into your competitive advantage.

Eliminate Bottlenecks • Prioritize Work • Maximize Capacity

Shop Floor

Permanent Error Elimination

Your customers demand every job be completed exactly as designed; defects are not an option. Earn more on every job when your Operators execute to the Quantum standard.

Eliminate Turnbacks • Demand Compliance • Guarantee Quality


Complete Order Transparency

If you can see it, you can control it. Take complete control of your shop when you know the real-time status of every job, the impact of every decision and the right path moving forward.

Continuous Improvement • Visualize Success • Instant Communication


Connect Every Asset

Eliminate machine downtime by maintaining your most valuable equipment and connecting every asset in one system. Time wasted locating tools or storing excess materials is a direct threat to your success. Success starts with inventory control.

Locate Every Asset • Eliminate Machine Downtime • Control Sensitive Materials


Digital Shop Floor

Human error is the leading cause of defects and bottlenecks. Eliminate the risks of manual data entry, outdated plans and communication silos by connecting your shop floor with your team in one complete manufacturing system.

Complete Order Visibility • Automatic Data Collection • Instant Communication


Built to Last

The average shelf life of our competition’s software is 5-7 years. It’s frustrating for their customers, but it’s simply how software developers have operated for decades. 

CIMx was founded on the fundamental principle of life-long partnerships with our manufacturers. Quantum shops never grow out of their system and have access to full system upgrades every year guaranteeing their shop has the most competitive tools in their industry for generations to come.

Secure Data Channels Day-One Plan Migration • Guaranteed Upgrade Paths

Let's Get to Work

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Experience how Quantum:

  • Permanently Eliminate Errors
  • Improves Every Phase of Production
  • Sets the Stage for Your Future

If you’re still not convinced Quantum is the right fit for your shop, our Experts can send you a list of alternative solutions from our extensive network.

Process Control

Quickly and easily engineer plans with multimedia Operator instructions, tolerance ranges and reroute paths.

Shop Floor Control

Deliver only the clearest, most accurate work instructions to your Operators to increase velocity and eliminate scrap.

Build It Right

Innovative solutions developed for complex manufacturing.
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Quality Control

Manage quality by monitoring progress, issuing dispositions and leading your team to achieve daily targets.

Top Floor Control

Leverage the data generated from your shop floor to eliminate guesswork, track KPI metrics and grow your business.
"Variability used to be our biggest issue. Now it’s finding a bigger facility to handle all of the new work!" 
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President Electronic Production

"Quantum records every Operator action on every order. It saved us a ton of hours on our last audit."
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"We’ve seen more benefit from our partnership with CIMx than we could have possibly imagined."
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