Know exactly what you have and where it is.  Quantum manages it all for you.

Inventory with certainty.

Do you produce goods and not know how much finished inventory you have right now?  For many manufacturers, there is a substantial gap between the production and inventory teams.  One knows what it's making but not what is needed.  The other knows what it has but not what's coming.  

In order to know what you can promise to customers and what you really need to be making today, you need to know exactly what you have and where it's located.  Let Quantum close the gap for you.

True Inventory Control

Know what you have.

You can't wait until the end of the shift, day or week if you're trying to stay competitive.  Your sales and fulfillment teams must know quantities on hand right now.

Know where it is.

Inventory control must include location to be valuable.  Otherwise, you're sending people off to search and rescue.

Segment it.

If you keep inventory for specific customer orders, you need to know that you are keeping the right inventory and amounts on hand at all times according to those contracts.  Quantum manages it for you.     

Set thresholds.

In order to manage your expenses, you need to manage what you produce and how much you keep on hand.  With upper and lower thresholds for finished goods inventory item-by-item, Quantum can warn you when you're running low or high.

We built CIMx to change how manufacturing was done.

We put computers on the manufacturing shop floor in 1996 to move goods more rapidly and accurately through the process.  It was absolutely revolutionary at the time. 

We haven't stopped evolving and neither should you.  We deliver more rapidly than anyone without costing you a fortune.  The worst thing you can do is decide to continue what you're doing today and expect different results.