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Demand End-to-End Excellence with Complete MES/MOM Functionality

Since 1996, CIMx has built innovative manufacturing software for customers of all sizes and industries. Sustainable upgrade paths, rapid installations and high-compliance security underlie every line of Quantum's® code. 

Implement Quantum as a stand alone MES/MOM or pair it with your existing ERP to bring end-to-end control and Order visibility to your shop. Build it right, ahead of schedule and under budget, with Quantum.

Access Data Day One

The CIMx team of experienced database and software experts work with your existing I.T. resources to deliver Quantum as seamlessly as possible. Maintain your shop's momentum with Data Preloads!

Partner with Your ERP

Quantum is designed to work in tandem with your existing ERP. This allows your team to be up and running Day One! Connect with a CIMx Application Expert  today to learn about integration options.

Secure Communication

CIMx utilizes secure communication channels to protect your data behind your existing firewall. Data security is essential for manufacturing. Eliminate risk by hosting your solution locally.

Complete Solutions 

The Right Tools for the Job

Your shop floor is already a connected system. Every decision made from Engineering through Delivery impacts your bottom line. Successful manufacturers utilize the right tools for every stage of manufacturing to keep production ahead of schedule and under budget.

Deliver complete solutions to your team by selecting the MES/MOM with experience in your industry, Quantum.

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Advanced Platform Architecture

More than two decades in high-compliance manufacturing and a commitment to system sustainability have driven Quantum's innovative architecture. Quantum operates on a standard SQL Server platform and is accessible by any approved devices. Control production across an entire enterprise from one location and report your results with confidence.

Quantum Includes:

  • Secure Data Channels
  • Upgrade Sustainability
  • Day One Use
  • and more...

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System Essentials

Real-Time Control for Real World Manufacturing

When production doesn’t go as planned, your team needs an agile and intelligent platform to get Orders back on track fast. Quantum prevents manufacturing issues, from the common to the critical, ensuring you deliver ahead of schedule and under budget.  Connect with a CIMx Application Expert Today!

Let's Get to Work

Complete Orders ahead of schedule and under budget with the MES/MOM platform designed for complex, discrete manufacturing. Quantum’s Production dashboards, Quality Control system and Engineering tools deliver end-to-end Production Control for every Order, every time.

  • Drive throughput and eliminate scrap in the Advanced Planning Center

  • Guarantee ship dates and demand conformance with shop floor WIP controls

  • Identify trends and automatically record, report and react in real-time

System Essential Features

Deliver end-to-end control from Engineering through Delivery as part of standard product. Provide your team the tools they need to build it right, ahead of schedule and under budget, with Quantum.

CIMx Solutions
  • Train quickly with simple to learn/operate interfaces

  • Save time by adapting files to existing formats

  • Attach any file type for use in the workflow process

  • Find answers quickly with dynamic User Help function

  • Evolve with changing processes using flexible screens

  • Grow with confidence using full system feature access

  • Install on-site wired, wireless or via alternative method

  • Safely install on existing SQL Server (or other)

  • Control access with multi-dimensional roles/permissions

  • Communicate clearly by selecting multi-lingual labels

  • Restrict access to configurable pre-formatted features

  • Customize local views, screens, notifications etc
  • Easily view and print as-built reports for compliance

  • Manage tooling: check out, consumable, serialized, etc

  • Enforce specific materials needed for Work Orders

  • Support compliance regulations with as-built and eDHR

  • Secure document integrity with permanent records

  • Restrict access to a 'read only' role where required

  • Work collaboratively with multiple user on an operation

  • Grant System Admin control over User Management

  • Utilize LDAP logging or separate login and password

  • Ease ERP/MRP/PLM connection with integration tools

  • Use any approved browser-based device, tablets or PCs

  • Explore Quantum's full functionality... 

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"Quantum increased our production by 35% and cut our scrap by about 80% in less than six months."
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"Quantum gives our team a visual into every operation on our floor in real-time. I'm never out of the loop."
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"We chose to partner with CIMx again because we know they can take our company to the next level."
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