The CIMx Difference

CIMx is unique in the manufacturing software industry. We are proudly woman owned, U.S. based and dedicated to making a difference for the men and women in manufacturing throughout North America.

Our business was founded 25 years ago to give U.S. aerospace and defense contractors the systems they needed to outperform their competition by integrating technology into their production processes. Today, we’ve grown those same secure, innovative values into the essential system for all manufacturers in North America.

Woman Owned  •  Single System Stability  •  Domestic Diversity

CIMx President, Kristin McLane speaks to the United Nations on the impact of women owned businesses  |  May 12, 2018.


Woman Owned

Whether your company takes on government contracts or partners with other companies who do, working directly with woman owned businesses has long made for a competitive advantage in manufacturing. Win more federal contracts by increasing your percentage of woman owned business partners. 

Implement Quantum today for both the incredible impact to production output and the competitive advantages that come with supporting U.S. Woman Owned Businesses.

Single System Stability

In 25 years of development, there has never been outsourced, third party or alternative system code in our software. Our commitment to system stability is just one of the many reasons CIMx software is among the most reliable, secure systems in manufacturing.

Domestic Diversity

CIMx believes it is our responsibility to embrace diversity while guaranteeing we respect your federal contractor requirements of full U.S. citizenship for every developer on our team. Work with our Experts to guarantee you maintain compliance with your strictest customers..






Our Mission

CIMx has been an integral part of the manufacturing tech landscape since 1993. Framed by the processes and strategies proven by America’s most successful manufacturers, CIMx remains the standard in manufacturing systems.

Bring the technology and lean concepts proven by the world's largest manufacturers to drive success to your shop today!

Connect with a CIMx Application Expert to learn how to increase productivity by taking control of production!

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