Experience the Results Live

Experience your team, building your work, on your shop floor like never before. Run Quantum live on-site for 90-days to guarantee your team that you’ve found the right system for the job.

Identify the key area of your shop with the most need for improvement and put Quantum to the test. Connect with our Experts to map out your needs, provide training and get your team to work without disrupting your current workflow.

Your Quantum Pilot Package includes

Production Audit

Commission a report evaluating your existing workflow, shop floor stability and areas of opportunity throughout production.

  • Define gaps in manufacturing
  • Secure production processes
  • Receive industry insider tips
  • Strategize for success
  • Define high risk procedures
  • Calculate ROI points

Weekly Coaching

Connect with your Quantum Coach.

  • Evaluate weekly progress

25 Quantum Licenses

Receive the licenses you need to get your team up and running without disrupting production.

  • Gain full access to Quantum
  • Live product at your fingertips
  • Assign roles and permissions
  • Experience Quantum’s benefits

System Installation

Work with the CIMx team to install Quantum securely on your existing servers.

  • No integrations required
  • Support your I.T. resources

Onsite Training

Learn the ropes from our team of Application Experts in the comfort of your own shop.

  • Master Quantum in a few hours
  • Build excitement for your team

Engineering Preload

Have your team in production on Day One by preloading your existing Engineering plans into Quantum.

  • Day One use
  • Migrate existing Engineering
  • Instant data collection
  • Eliminate the need for paper

Understand your workflow like never before and uncover opportunities from Engineering through delivery. Experience the benefits real-time control delivers to your shop first hand. Take Quantum for a test drive and we guarantee you’ll see the potential of a full installation within 90 days.

Connect with a CIMx Application Expert to learn more about Quantum and schedule your risk-free pilot today!

1-877-FOR-CIMx | info@CIMx.com | www.CIMx.com
*Restrictions apply. For full promotion details contact Liz Hamedi at 513-248-7700 x416.

90-Day MES Pilot

Increase production and eliminate waste by connecting, correcting and controlling every phase of production during a 90-day risk free pilot.

If you are like thousands of other manufacturers across the U.S. you are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Your stakeholders are demanding more but your budget is stretched thin. How can you invest in Production without adding additional resources?

CIMx has removed the hurdles holding back U.S. manufacturers with the Quantum Pilot.

If Quantum is right for your shop, CIMx will credit $10,000 toward your full Quantum installation. Connect with a CIMx Application Expert to kickstart your project today!

Plan for Your Future

"Now we can zero-in on problems very easily. I've never been able to dig into my business like this."

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Quantum Quotes

Production Supervisor Industrial Production

"An audit that should take a full day only takes half a day in Quantum. From an ISO standpoint it’s been great."

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Quantum Quotes

President Wire & Cable Harness

"In the first 6 months, Quantum has already increased production across our shop floor by 35% and cut scrap by about 80%."

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Quantum Quotes

Vice President Contract Manufacturer