Manage inventory with Quantum while you run your business with Quickbooks.  


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If you're using QuickBooks to run your financials and need inventory management or production control, look no further than Quantum for tight control of your production processes.  

From sourcing to tracking use, Quantum Inventory Management will add real control to your inventory.  Quantum has inventory thresholds, inventory segmentation, tracks lots and serialized materials and a live Bill of Materials (BOM).  You need Quantum. 

Inventory Thresholds

Keeping inventory levels within the range you actually need them is the first step in reducing the amount of money you have locked up in inventory, raw materials, ingredients and parts.  

Quantum tracks inventory minimums and maximums by individual item, and alerts you when you have too much or too little.  It alerts you when you're low and it can even initiate a work order for more if the item is something you make yourself. If you don't know how much you need of something throughout the year, use Quantum Inventory Management to track your usage and build your threshold levels gradually over time.  

Inventory Segmentation

If you track inventory in Excel or Access, you know it's just a long list of everything you have.  It's difficult to reserve inventory for special jobs or customers.  It's not easy to see what type of raw materials, ingredients or parts you might need to make something.  It's a static list you can search manually - no help to you in a pinch. 

Quantum keeps one record of all your inventory - whether initial materials or final goods - but segments it into categories by customer, vendor, size, location or any other category you wish to create.  Divide your inventory so it's easier to track and trace with Quantum. 

Lots and Serialized Materials

If you work with materials that are serialized or lot-based, you want to control and track where it's used.  You need to know it's used properly and you need to be able to report on its usage.  

Quantum handles both lots and serialized materials for you in standard product.  Choose individual lots or parts for your team or let them choose and record what they've used.  Either way, you know where everything is before you use it and where it was put after.  

Live Bill of Materials (BOM)

A BOM is only good if you know you have the actual things on it to do the work when you have the work to do.  You need warnings when you're short and a path to correct them. 

Quantum checks for your inventory from your BOM before it releases any work to the shop floor.  If you're short of the materials to do the work, it lets you choose to send it forward and refill or wait for the inventory to arrive.  One more powerful way that Quantum solves issues for you before they become real problems and gives you manual workarounds and overrides when you want to make different choices. 

Quantum eliminates the need for an expensive ERP upgrade. 


You're running your business on QuickBooks.  It's a strong platform for the front office and you've found it works well for you.  But it doesn't have the expansive capabilities of a traditional ERP.  You're wondering if you should upgrade your entire platform to get visibility and control of your inventory.  

ERP implementations are long.  They can take upwards of several years and hundreds of thousands of dollars.  If you don't have the time, money or patience for that, look to a production system to run your shop and keep QuickBooks doing what it does so well for you already.  Quantum can power your shop, save you money and time, and give you immediate visibility into your Production Operations.  

Ask for a live demo to learn more. 

What makes us qualified?

We have more than 25 years' experience working with manufacturers.   We're specialists in operator-centric work.  If you have people on your shop floor managing your work and you need to manage them, we can help.  We're specifically priced and structured to help manufacturers of all sizes.  With QuickBooks especially, we're teamed up with small businesses.  

Database Max Size

If you track your inventory in Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel or any other database, you may be struggling with maximum database size or speed. Give your production team the data they need in a tool that helps them manage it.  Give them Quantum.