Integration Bridge

Connect what matters.  Make it last. 

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Connection between your shop floor and your front office is critical.  You need a connection that works on-demand, so your entire team knows what's going on at all times.  Whether that's access to live dashboards or automated updates in the system, Quantum has you covered.  
Not all integrations are equal.  Most systems will have the ability to send information out (you're read about APIs), but bringing it in is more of a challenge.  Each system has its own requirements for how the information is formatted.  Quantum has you covered there, too.  
CIMx' Integration Bridge is a different approach to integration.  Our Integration Bridge eases the complexity and cost of integration.  Take your orders in your current system and Quantum will run them in your shop.  Buy your inventory with a financial package or even just track it in Excel and Quantum can either replace it for you or monitor its real-time usage.  
That's the power of Quantum. 


Order Integration

You need to take orders from customers.  Quantum lets you do that no matter the other systems that you have. 

  • No order system?  No problem.  Quantum has a front-end order entry platform to process those one at-a-time or many at once. 
  • Have a simple order system?  Great.  Quantum can ingest that information automatically (without your intervention) or semi-automatically (you enter one or more orders on a front-end screen). 
  • Have a completely built order system?  Perfect.  Quantum will automatically pull those in and send them to the shop floor.  

Take an order from your customer  and Quantum will process it for you. With the complete integration, Quantum does it automatically.  For those customers who need a more manual process for budget purposes or because your technology platform doesn't have great connectivity, Quantum Integration Bridge allows you to pull multiple orders in at the touch of a button even without the live connection.  

As with most areas of Quantum, we provide you the flexibility to operate as you want and need to. 

Inventory Integration

You need to track inventory: raw goods and materials and parts through finished goods ready to ship.  Even internal parts that you make and use later in the process.  Quantum has everything you need for complete inventory management.  

  • No inventory system?  No problem.  Quantum can track all your inventory from sourcing to completed goods.   
  • Have a simple inventory system that allows you to purchase inventory, but does not track what's left?  Great.  Quantum can fill in the gaps for you and keep that system up-to-date. 
  • Have a completely built inventory system, but still do not have control over what's available right now, whether you'll have enough inventory to cover the work you have, and what you've used today?  Perfect.  Quantum can automatically update your system in real-time to keep everyone on the same page.  

Financial packages and ERPs often don't have an answer for inventory in manufacturing.  There's a delicate cycle in availability and use that most inventory areas don't consider and can't track without manual counts and updates.  Quantum can fill one or more holes in your current platform or run everything for you.  

Again, the flexibility you need to run your organization as you need to. 

Quantum is built for production.

Award-winning product and team.

Quantum and CIMx have been recognized by our customers and the industry for our product and our service.  


CIMx was recognized as a LEADER in the 2022 InfoTech Research Group MES Software Survey and awarded #1 in VENDOR SUPPORT among all competitors.  All vendors were rated by their own customers across capabilities, product features, and customer experience for this survey.  The people have spoken.